Victory Over Every Frustrating Spirit (Deliverance Series Vol. 16) (EBOOK)

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19 Power Packed Prayers !!!

Do you feel like your life is a rollercoaster of emotions; some days you’re up and others your down? 

Are you always making last minute decisions that end up turning into a disaster?

Do things always go wrong at the last minute and cause you to miss your opportunity?

Do you often wonder why you suddenly feel frustrated, have trouble maintaining focus or lose patience easily? 

Is something always swooping in and causing a storm, cutting you off from your breakthrough at the last moment? 

If you answered YES then you are not alone! If you answered YES then this book is for you! 

In his new book “Victory Over Every Frustrating Spirit” you will discover the source behind every delay and confusion in your life. If you can master this, you can master the rest of your life. Bishop Climate reveals the truth behind last minute disasters and shows you how to identify when your breakthrough is close. After praying through this book, every spirit of frustration will be disarmed. No more delays, no more hindrances, and no more missed opportunities!

In “Victory Over Every Frustrating Spirit” you’ll discover:

  • The spirit that is behind last minute disasters
  • How this spirit works with a lying spirit to cut you off from your favor, your blessings and your breakthrough
  • The dangers of a frustrating spirit and how it stops the flow of God’s power in your life
  • 19 prayer points to overcome this spirit and enjoy long-lasting success

Get your copy today and be free!


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