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Who Is Prophet Climate?


He sees the invisible, he hears the inaudible, he deals with impossible he can read and see the future like an open book. Dr Climate was born with special these gifts of visions, healing, miracles and many others that have been proven before thousands of people. But also he has worked hard to develop and improve them and also imparting then on hundreds of disciples. During his over 19 years of practice, he has changed lives thousands of people. Big winners in life, politics, and great number of famous captain on industry owe their fortune to the Gift that God has given him. Hundred of unhappy hearts have now found their newfound happiness and have testified of there .

Dr Climate Wiseman Phd shares ” My aim is to provide a service which is tailored to each individual and in guidance with the teaching of the Holy Bible. So you don’t have to worry or fear as your future is in safe hands.”

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Jesus came to set the captives free. It was never His plan for us to stay in bondage, and He is waiting and ready to deliver you

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When I first met Prophet Climate I had been married and divorced 5 times. I was most recently married to a Swedish diplomat, but was separated from him and was working as a housemaid. When I started working with Prophet and he showed me the issues which were behind my problem, I received prayer and deliverance and now I have reunited with my former husband and we are enjoying a happy marriage. This has never happened before. Since going through deliverance, I no longer face rejection in my life from friends and family.

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South Africa

I had been experiencing failed relationships one after another for years. When i first got introduced to Prophet Climate and went through his deliverance program, it became evident to me that there was a strange smell coming from my body which was turning people off from me. This was generational and ran in my family. I was not aware about it until I began the program, something then brought it to my senses which Prophet Climate said is what happens when the curse is being broken, it manifests and leaves. Since going through deliverance the strange smell on my body disappeared. I met my future husband and am now happily married, we have just celebrated the birth of our first child. with a child. I really thank God for Prophet Climate and this amazing program.

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