Binding the Strongman (Deliverance Series Vol. 11) (EBOOK)


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Do you have a controlling family member that won’t seem to leave you alone? Are there people in your working place that are always trying to undermine you and make you feel powerless? Do you feel you are always at the mercy of another person in your marriage, finances, career, family, or other areas? 

In “Binding the Strongman” Bishop Climate reveals the source of all your problems. With powerful teaching on the strong man that you haven’t read anywhere else, you will discover knowledge and revelation to understand the implications of having a strong man in your life. 

You may have been held for years but after reading this book they will be forced to let go. With powerful prayer points on identifying the stronghold and bringing down the strong man in your life, you are about to experience freedom in your life like never before! 


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