Overcoming Every Generational Hatred (Deliverance Series Vol. 4) (EBOOK)


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Powerful Prayers For Total Deliverance From Every Spirit Of Death That Has Been Pursuing You!

Do you have people in your life who make it their goal to see you suffer? Are there people who seem to hate you for no apparent reason? Have people been spreading false rumours to discredit you in your working place or among friends? Do you feel plagued by constant sickness or disease? Do you get the feeling that death is always lingering close by? 

If you answered YES, then this book is for you!

 In “Overcoming Every Generational Hatred” you’ll learn all about generational hatred and what to do when someone in your life is carrying it towards you. Discover how to identify and combat it with strategic prayer points on uprooting the spirit of death out of your life. 

 In “Overcoming Every Generational Hatred” you’ll discover:

  • why one man wanted to take down an entire nation of people
  • how a spiritual decree can be released over your life in order to shut down your destiny
  • how you can be free from every demonic death sentence and enjoy freedom from all your enemies

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