Destroying Every Demonic Covenant Over Your Life (Deliverance Series Vol. 9) (EBOOK)


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“The World’s Favorite Prayer Book Series”

Powerful prayers to overcome every satanic bondage of your body, mind, and physical affairs. 

Have you been facing the same issues over and over again? No matter where you go does it seem like your problems always follow you? Do you feel like God doesn’t really care about you because of the troubles you face?

In “Destroying Every Demonic Covenant Over Your Life” you’ll discover:

  • the truth about demonic covenants
  • how you can make demonic agreements with the powers of darkness without even knowing it.
  • how these demonic covenants give the devil a legal right spiritually to access your life, which hinders God from blessing you.
  • different ways in which demonic covenants are made over your life and how you can unknowingly dedicate your body to the devil through different practises. (For example, physical or sexual relationships of the past, tattoos/ritual body marks, piercings). 
  • how to be free from every demonic covenant by rededicating your body to the Lord.

You’ll also receive powerful prayer points for you to use to be delivered from every demonic agreement.

Get your copy today and experience your breakthrough. Victory is yours in Jesus name!


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