** Every Spirit of Manipulation That Wants To Rob You Of Your Destiny Is About To Be Exposed! **

Dear Child of God,

The day when God chose Saul to be king over Israel, he did not have a backup plan just in case it failed. But not long after, the Bible says that God regretted making Saul king and quickly sought out his replacement in David.

Not only was Saul committed to following his own way but he also allowed the spirit of fear and manipulation to cause him to make a decision that cost him his destiny.

You see, there is a spirit that wants to manipulate you, to push you outside of the will of God for your life. When you are outside of the will of God there is no grace; there is no help. I see this spirit wants to manipulate you through fear and cause you to make a decision that you can’t come back from.

This is how people end up getting into the wrong relationships, or making the wrong choice in their career, or especially by taking the wrong path which leads them away from their destiny.

But I need you to understand that this is a spirit.

Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent men who have purposed to thrust aside my steps. (Psalms 140:4)

The spirit of manipulation just wants to derail you from your course so that you can spend the rest of your life in regret. And I see this spirit has been manipulating people and circumstances around you in order to delay and block your progress.But tonight, Jehovah God is about to rescue you from a serious manipulation. Yes I see within the next 14 days, by the 14thof October, every manipulation that has been causing your life to bleed is about to stop. God is going to uproot every manipulator and destroy them.

Child of God, when a manipulator is removed out of your life, suddenly there is favour, happiness, divine fulfilment, joy, peace, prosperity.I see a divine rescue where your destiny is concerned amen.

Now Here’s What You Must Do:

1. I need you to send me your prayer agreement form with 10 areas that you want God to rescue you from.

2. I want you to build up an altar, a seed of Divine Rescue according to Psalms 140. Or you could give any amount according to the number 4 for God to rescue you from every manipulator that wants to cause you to lose your destiny.

3. Tonight I’m going to print off your prayer request and intercede on your behalf.

4. Remember to join me LIVE at 8pm UK Time via Youtube, Facebook or our Ministry App




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Yours In Prophecy,

Prophet Climate

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