Dear Child of God,

The Lord bless you and keep you. What an incredible month we have ahead of us! I want to share something truly special with you. This is the month where God is about to manifest His glory in your life in a way that will leave you and those around you in awe.

You might be wondering, “What does it mean for God to manifest my glory?” Let me take you to the book of John, chapter 2, verses 1 to 11. This passage tells us about Jesus’ first miracle at a wedding in Cana. It was an ordinary event that turned extraordinary because of Jesus’ presence. Similarly, God is about to do something extraordinary in your life.

As I was praying for you, God revealed to me that this month, you will experience a powerful miracle. This miracle will confirm that God has chosen you, called you, and that you are indeed special. Just as Jesus was not the guest of honor at the wedding but still performed a miraculous sign, God is about to do something remarkable for you. You see, it was in the everyday setting that Jesus chose to reveal His divine power, and so it will be in your life. Out of the ordinary, the extraordinary will come forth.

Imagine this: a financial breakthrough that lifts you out of debt and into a season of abundance; a transformation in your relationships that brings reconciliation, love, and harmony; a significant advancement in your career that positions you for greater influence and success; and a revelation of your destiny that clarifies your path and fills you with purpose and passion. This is not just wishful thinking; this is the promise of God for you this month.

Child of God, I need you to understand this: a miracle is coming your way. I see a miracle with your name on it. I see financial glory, relationship glory, career glory, business glory, and destiny glory all about to be manifested in your life. This miracle will change how everyone around you perceives you and what you do. People will look at you and see the undeniable hand of God at work.

As I speak to you now, feel the anticipation and excitement building in your spirit. This is a time for great expectations. Right now, where you are, stop and shout out loud, “God, manifest my glory! Manifest my glory today, this week, this month!” Declare it with faith and conviction, for Jehovah God is about to do something incredible. This is not just a fleeting moment; this is a divine appointment. Your miracle is on the horizon, ready to be unveiled.

To activate the manifestation of your glory, here are five things you must do:

  1. Invite Jesus into Every Situation: Just as Jesus was invited to the wedding in Cana, invite Him into every area of your life. Seek His presence in your decisions, challenges, and celebrations. When Jesus is present, miracles happen.
  2. Listen to Divine Guidance: Mary instructed the servants to do whatever Jesus told them. Be attentive to the Holy Spirit and obey His promptings. God’s instructions often lead to miraculous outcomes.
  3. Exercise Faith: The servants filled the jars with water as Jesus commanded, even though it made no sense. Step out in faith, even when it seems illogical. Trust that God’s ways are higher than yours.
  4. Be Persistent in Prayer: Consistent and fervent prayer is crucial. Pray without ceasing, believing that God will act on your behalf. Your persistent prayers open doors for miracles.
  5. Express Gratitude and Praise: Before the manifestation, thank God for what He is about to do. Praise Him for His faithfulness. Gratitude and worship create an atmosphere where miracles can flourish.

Imagine the testimonies you will share, the stories of God’s faithfulness and power that you will tell. Your life is about to become a living testimony of God’s miraculous intervention. Those around you will see and believe, and their faith will be stirred because of what God is doing in your life.

Now, to further activate this divine manifestation, I urge you to sow a seed of faith. In alignment with the miracle at Cana, where Jesus turned 120 gallons of water into wine, I encourage you to sow a seed of £120. Alternatively, you can give £60, representing the six jars present at the wedding. If these amounts are not possible, give whatever you can afford. This seed is a tangible act of faith that connects you to the miracle you are expecting.

This is urgent. Do not miss this opportunity. God is ready to pour out His blessings, but you must act in faith. If you hold back, you might miss out on the miracle that is meant for you. This is your moment to step into the extraordinary. Do not let doubt or hesitation rob you of your blessing.

Are you ready for it? Get ready to receive because your miracle is coming. This is your month of divine manifestation. Embrace it with open arms and a heart full of faith. The Lord is about to reveal His glory through you, and it will be glorious indeed.



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