Every Copy Of your Star Must Die By Fire

Dear Child of God,

Did you know that someone has cloned your star and as we speak now they are living the life that you were meant to live ?? 

If you think it is a joke, you don’t even know that there are deep secrets in your life that only God can reveal through his prophet. Actually right now you may not think that there are serious and dangerous issues going on in your life because you can’t see them, because what you have seems to be normal, but the truth is that underneath it all are very serious matters.

I saw in my spirit that somebody has already copied your star. And this is the reason why you have not been experiencing breakthrough in your life because somebody else has been enjoying your favour; they have been enjoying your success; they have been enjoying your glory. 

I saw that somebody did a replica of your star and they put it upon themselves. And every favour that should have been coming to you has been going to them. Every favour, breakthrough, happiness, joy; it has been going to them and their family. 

That is the reason why you always get ashamed, crippled, disappointed, frustrated. You work so hard but at the end of the day somebody else is happy. But this Friday God is about to expose every conspiracy in your family.

The Bible tells us that after the death of Saul and Jonathon, David looked for a member of Jonathon’s house that he could show kindness to. And he found Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathon, and the original heir to the throne. Mephibosheth was actually third in line to the throne while Saul and Jonathon were alive. But he was a cripple. 

Yet a time came when there was famine in the land of Israel and in order to heal the land, God told David that seven sons of Saul needed to be sacrificed. It’s here we find out there was actually another Mephibosheth, belonging to one of Saul’s concubines. 

Mephibosheth was third in line to the throne. But Saul had another wife, and she named her son the same name as the heir. She photocopied his star. And the day when she did that the original Mephibosheth became crippled.

You see, when people copy your star, they cripple your destiny, they cripple your marriage, everything about your life, suddenly you become a cripple. 

This coming Friday, every photocopy of your star must die by fire. Whosoever has been matching you, trying to be like you, out of jealousy, they have to die by fire. 

There cannot be two of you. No one else is going to walk in your favour; no one else is going to walk in your breakthrough; no one else is going to walk in what God has called you to be. 

Only you will sit at the king’s table. Anyone existing in this world to replace you, I command them to die by fire!

This Friday during the Miracle Fire Service, every demonic photocopy of your star that has been stealing your glory is going to die by fire!

God is about to do something; this Friday I saw in my spirit that God is about to expose a deep conspiracy in your family that has been going on for generations that has been crippling people’s destinies.

This Friday I have a special word for you. And I need you to receive it personally. If you are late this may affect the rest of your life and you may find yourself unable to fufill your destiny; actually in the future you may find yourself in a painful situation that you can do nothing about. Because when you had time you never did anything. I need you to avoid such situations; as  your prophet I can only tell you the truth. 

I need you to act now so you can avoid where you will spend a life being lame, no matter what you are offered in life. 

So Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem: for he did eat continually at the king’s table; and was lame on both his feet. (2 Samuel 9:13) 

The last thing you want in life is to live your life lame. Thats why you need to do something today. 

So follow the following instruction without delay.

Whosoever is aiming to replace you, to replace your business, to replace your relationship, replace your career, we command them to die by fire. 

Now Here’s What I Need You To Do: 

1. I need you write down all the areas of your life where you feel like people have tried to replace you or copy your star. You can also write down the names of people who you know have risen up against you. 

2. I need you to build up a special altar to God according to the number 7. Actually what I feel in my spirit is for you to sow a seed according to your age + the number 7. This is to represent divine completion. Whosoever has copied your star, God will make a complete end to them in Jesus name. 

3. I need you to join me this Friday at 7PM UK Time LIVE in London or Online via Youtube/Facebook




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Yours In Prophecy,

Prophet Climate

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