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Dear Child of God, A star that is in exile can never shine. Did you know a star that is in exile can never prosper? Many people who were meant to be successful from the beginning have found themselves stuck and unproductive in their life because their star was sent to exile. Anybody who is capable of sending your star to exile is a dangerous person. And only death can rescue you. The Bible tells us that Jesus’ star was sent to exile because of Herod (Matthew 2:13) Can you imagine that the Son of God remained in exile until the death of Herod the King? (Matthew 2:19-20) Today as the Fire burns, every terminator of your star must be terminated. Today your star must come out of exile. I feel in my spirit within the next few hours, you are about to regain and recuperate everything that you had lost. What are some of the signs of somebody whose star is in exile?
  1. Delay
  2. Stagnation
  3. Rejection
  4. Lack of acknowledgement
  5. Repeatable failures
  6. Chronic diseases
  7. Misunderstanding
  8. Poverty
  9. Lack
  10. Abandonment
When your star is in exile, people refuse to acknowledge you. Herod refused to acknowledge Jesus as the King of the Jews. The Bible tells us that all the time that Jesus was in exile as a baby, he was never referred to by name. He was referred to as a young child. Twice, in the same chapter, the Bible refuses to address Jesus by name, only referring to Him as a young child with his mother. (Matthew 2:13, 19-20) This is a serious matter, that even the angels refused to address Jesus by name because his star was in exile. A star that is in exile can never shine. A star that is in exile can not be recognised, even by the heavens. That is why your star must come out of exile. That is why anyone who has banished your star, your financial star, your marriage star, your career star, your family star, to exile, has to be dealt a serious blow. The Bible tells us that Herod actually died. There are people who unless they die in the physical, your star will never shine. It’s either you or them. But for this time, I choose to stand by you. Today every Herod of your life, every Herod of your family, every Herod of your business, must die by fire! That is why I need you to send me the names of anyone and anything that has condemned your star to exile. That is why I want you in person to join me tonight, here in London, so together we can do what we need to do. Because enough is enough. Your star must come out of exile. It’s time for your star to be recognised, to prosper, to succeed and be great. Tonight at the Fire Service, I will be sharing the progressive report of your star. Tonight I will be prophesying live into your life. Tonight will be a night where your journey to success, healing, miracles, and favour will begin. Tonight will be the end of your Herod and the beginning of your destiny. So right now, I need you to do the right thing. I want you to fill the prayer agreement form that I’ve sent you. I also want you to give a special offering to help me to buy the printing paper and ink that I need to print those names so I can spread them before God and activate the angel of divine vengeance. Whatsoever you sow today to support God, will unleash His power against those names. I need you to do it quick as we have a limited time, you must do it within the next 5 hours. When I receive your prayer request and your special offering, I will print it out, lift it before God, and as we pray together you will see me throw it into the fire. If they are innocent God will spare them, if they are guilty, God will deal with them. Today, every Herod of your life must die by fire! ACT NOW because unless your Herod dies, your star will never shine. Do it quickly.



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