Dear Child of God,

I trust this message finds you well. I want to share with you an incredible prophetic word for the month ahead, one that speaks directly to the challenges you faced last month and the blessings that await you in the days to come. The Lord has shown me what is up ahead, and it is cause for rejoicing.

But first! Let me share with you two remarkable testimonies that embody the power of obeying a prophetic word:

One Woman’s Financial Breakthrough

Just last month, I spoke a prophetic word, and a faithful lady in our ministry responded with unwavering faith. She faced financial hardships that left her in despair. But after sowing her seed in alignment with the prophetic word, the Lord blessed her with a massive financial breakthrough, a miracle that turned her life around.

Restoration of a Broken Marriage

Another heart-warming testimony comes from a gentleman whose marriage had been torn apart by bitterness and separation for a painful ten years. But, through the prophetic word, he found the strength to reconcile with his estranged spouse, and their love blossomed anew.


These stories resonate with the power of God’s divine favour and the importance of heeding His prophetic word.

Child of God, I know last month tested you in numerous ways, there were hardships and obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Yet, in the face of adversity, there is hope and divine promise up ahead.

Psalms 132: 1 A Song ofAscents. Remember, OLord, in David’s favour,allthe hardships he endured,

Despite the trials and tribulations David faced, because he was a man after God’s own heart, God eventually favoured him and placed a new song of deliverance in his mouth.


Did you hear those words ?!!!! Yes This Month God Shall Favour You.

Child of God, I see that because of the attacks, disgrace, humiliation, and frustration you have endured, God is ready to bestow His favour upon you. Your past struggles and rejections have not gone unnoticed by your Heavenly Father, and this month is marked by a divine shift in your favour.


This month, God is sending people who will remember and appreciate all the work you’ve done for His kingdom. I saw angels encircling the throne of God, beseeching Him to pour out His favour upon you for your years of service.

Yes, your faithfulness in serving the Lord is about to bear fruit. I saw people from far talking about you. What God is about to do in your life will draw attention from far. As God’s grace unfolds in your lives, people will begin to talk about the favour and blessings upon your life.

This month, God will perform miracles that will astound the world. The blessings that are coming our way will make a statement. Your home, your career, your life will bear witness to the incredible transformation that God is bringing forth.

God is about to show your star favour. When God shows your star favour, He removes the chains that are on your hands, He removes the shackles that are on your feet.

When God shows you favour, he changes your environment from nothing into something.

When God favours your star, demonic gates that have closed opportunities in your life, suddenly open.

Child of God, this month the Lord showed me 7 Powerful Blessings That Will Take Place In Your Life

1. This Month God Shall Favour Your Star

Remember, OLord, in David’s favour,allthe hardships he endured,(Psalms 132:1)

This month is marked by God’s divine favour shining upon your life. Just as stars illuminate the night sky, God is positioning your star to shine brightly. Your financial star, your career, your relationships – all aspects of your life are going to experience a significant boost in divine favour. It’s a season where things will align in your favour, and obstacles will give way to opportunities.

2. This Month God Shall Be With You

For the sake of your servant David,do not turn away the face ofyour anointed one.(Psalms 132:10)

In this month, the assurance of God’s presence will be with you like never before. In every situation and circumstance, His comforting presence will guide you. He will walk with you through challenges and celebrate with you in triumphs. The knowledge of His presence will provide you with strength, courage, and unwavering faith.

3. This Month God Has Chosen You

For theLordhaschosen Zion;he hasdesired it for his dwelling place:(Psalms 132:13)

This month God has chosen you. When God chooses you, it signifies His deep desire to bless you abundantly. Just as He chose Zion as His dwelling place, He has now chosen you for His divine favour. This choice extends to every aspect of your life, from your financial well-being to your relationships. No negativity, no opposing forces, no enchantments can stand against the divine selection and favour that God has bestowed upon you during this season.

4. This Month God Will Bless You With An Abundance Of Provision

I will abundantlybless her provisions;I willsatisfy her poor with bread.(Psalms 132:15)

Expect an overflow of blessings in every aspect of your life. God, in His abundance, is ready to meet your needs beyond your expectations. Financially, emotionally, and spiritually, He will pour out His blessings, ensuring you lack nothing. Trust in His promise, and you will experience His abundant provision.

5. This Month God Has Prepared A Lamp For You

There I will makea horn to sprout for David;I have prepareda lamp formy anointed.(Psalms 132:17)

This monthGod has prepared solutions to your problems, illuminating your path.In this season of favour, God has prepared a lamp for you. His word will illuminate your path, providing clarity and solutions to the challenges you face. What once seemed insurmountable will become manageable as God guides you towards answers and resolutions. Expect divine insights and solutions to navigate through any obstacles that arise.

6. This Month God Shall Clothe Your Enemies With Shame

His enemies I willclothe with shame (Psalms 132:18)

This month,God will protect you from your adversaries.He will shield you from the schemes of your enemies and those who seek to harm you. Your enemies will be confounded and put to shame as they witness the divine protection surrounding you. Your trust in God will lead to their frustration and your rejoicing.

7. This Month God Will Make Your Crown Shine

but on him his crown will shine. (Psalms 132:18)

In the days ahead, God’s favour will envelop you like a radiant crown. As your ways align with His divine purpose, you will experience not only respect but also a radiant presence that shines forth.You will radiate God’s favour, even in the presence of those who opposed you.

Child of God, get ready for the blessing of God this month. Now is the time to seal this prophetic word by faith, causing it to come to pass in your life.

Psalms 132:13declares, “For the Lord has chosen Zion; he has desired it for his dwelling place.”

Just as God’s choice and desire led to blessings upon Zion, God has chosen and desired to bless you during this season of divine favour. He’s extended His hand to bless your financial destinies, your relationships, and your life as a whole.

**Will You Respond to His Call?**

Now, I must emphasize the importance of responding to this divine word with faith. Building an altar through a seed offering of 132 is a tangible way to express your trust in God’s promises. This offering signifies your commitment to His divine plan for your life.

Consider the missed blessings if you hesitate. Imagine delaying the divine favour, abundance, and blessings that are meant for you right now.

I urge you to sow your seed of 132 today, aligning your faith with God’s promises. This is not just a financial transaction; it’s a spiritual commitment that will lay the foundation for the blessings awaiting you.

**Act Promptly, and Your Faith Will Be the Catalyst for Your Breakthrough!**


As we are already in the month of September, you need to act quickly in the next 24 hours.As you take this step of faith, I will provide you with a Powerful Declaration to declare throughout September as you usher in these seven blessings into your life.

Thank you for your unwavering support and faith in God’s promises. Your act of faith will be a powerful testimony of His grace and favour in your life.



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