Dear Child of God,

I stand before you today to share a testimony that has profoundly altered the course of my life—a story of unwavering faith, unrelenting suffering, and the miraculous touch of divine healing.

For five long years, I found myself ensnared in the clutches of an affliction that seemed insurmountable—a relentless and unexplained bleeding that drained not only my strength but also my hope. Each day, each drop, was a constant reminder of my pain and vulnerability. The burden of this affliction weighed heavily on my spirit, and I embarked on an arduous quest for relief.

I sought answers in countless hospitals, underwent numerous medical tests, and consulted with specialists from all corners of the medical field. Yet, despite their expertise and efforts, the source of my suffering remained elusive. It was a harrowing journey of despair, with no end in sight.

But amidst the darkness that shrouded my life, a glimmer of hope emerged. It was a divine nudge that led me to The Kingdom Temple—a sanctuary of faith and healing. It was during a Friday Healing & Deliverance Service that I would come face to face with the power of God’s grace, channeled through the anointed ministry of Prophet Climate and his team of ministers.

As I stepped into The Kingdom Temple, a profound sense of peace enveloped me—a reassurance that I was in the right place at the right time. The service commenced, and the atmosphere was charged with the fervent prayers of the congregation. Master Prophet Climate, guided by divine wisdom, began to speak prophetic words that resonated deep within my soul.

During the deliverance prayer, I felt a surge of energy, as if the very essence of my being was being cleansed and renewed. The prophet and his team of ministers prayed over me with an intensity that I had never before experienced. It was a moment of surrender, as I released the weight of my affliction into the hands of the Almighty.

And then, it happened—a profound and miraculous shift that defies human explanation. The bleeding that had tormented me for half a decade ceased completely. It was as if the heavens had opened, and God’s mercy had poured forth to cleanse and restore me.

Tears of gratitude flowed freely from my eyes as I realized that I had been touched by the hand of the Divine. My healing was not just a physical restoration but a spiritual awakening—a testament to the boundless power of faith and the unwavering commitment of divine intervention.

Today, I stand before you as a living testimony of God’s grace and the transformative ministry of Prophet Climate and The Kingdom Temple. My life has been forever changed, and I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude.

To those who may be facing their own trials and tribulations, I extend an invitation—a call to come to The Kingdom Temple, to partake in the Friday Healing & Deliverance Service, and to experience the life-changing power of God. Just as I found healing and restoration, so too can you find solace, hope, and divine intervention.


I am writing to extend a heartfelt invitation to you—a call to join us at The Kingdom Temple for an extraordinary Friday Healing & Deliverance Service. As you prepare to step into this sacred space, I want to share what you can expect during this life-changing encounter:

1. Praise & Worship in the Presence of God: Our service begins with a powerful session of praise and worship—a time to lift our voices and hearts in adoration of the Almighty. It’s a moment when you can immerse yourself in the divine presence, feeling the love and grace of God surrounding you.

2. Powerful Teaching of the Word of God: Prepare to receive profound insights and revelations from the Word of God. Our dedicated ministers will guide you through teachings that will deepen your understanding of His divine plan and purpose for your life. The Word will illuminate your path and inspire your faith. 

3. Powerful Healing & Deliverance Prayers: The heart of our service lies in the healing and deliverance prayers. Led by Master Prophet Climate and his team of ministers, these prayers are a potent force against afflictions and burdens that may be weighing you down. Whether you seek physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, expect to experience the transformative power of God’s mercy.

4. Divine Prophecy: During the service, you may have the opportunity to receive a divine prophecy—a personalized message from the heart of God, spoken through His chosen vessel. These prophecies have the potential to provide guidance, clarity, and a sense of purpose that you may have been seeking.

Beloved, as you prepare to join us, open your heart to the possibilities that await. This service is not just an event; it’s a divine appointment—a moment where the miraculous can become a reality, where burdens can be lifted, and where hope can be rekindled.

No matter your circumstances or the challenges you may be facing, know that you are not alone. Join us at The Kingdom Temple, and let the collective faith and prayers of our congregation surround you. Together, we will seek the face of God, trusting in His boundless love and His ability to heal and deliver.

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Your Prayer Requests Matter: Share Your Needs for Healing & Deliverance

If you’re unable to attend in person, remember that distance is no barrier to God’s power. You can also join us online to experience the service from the comfort of your own space.

One of the ways you can participate online is by sharing your specific prayer requests. We understand that each of you may carry unique burdens, challenges, and areas in your life where you seek healing and deliverance.

Your prayer requests are not just words on paper or thoughts sent into the ether; they are your earnest cries for help, your hopes for restoration, and your petitions for divine intervention. We take them to heart and carry them before the throne of grace.

This is a sacred opportunity for you to pour out your heart and place your needs in the hands of a loving and merciful God. No request is too small or too big, and no situation is beyond His reach. We firmly believe that in unity, our prayers become a mighty force, capable of breaking chains and ushering in miracles.

Whether you are seeking physical healing, emotional restoration, or spiritual deliverance, your prayer request matters. It is a testament to your faith and your trust in the power of God to bring about transformation in your life.

During our Friday Healing & Deliverance Service, Master Prophet Climate, will lay hands on your prayer requests. Your requests will be presented before the Lord, and we believe that His healing, His deliverance, and His grace will flow into your life.

If you are joining us online, rest assured that distance is no barrier to the efficacy of prayer. Your prayer requests will be included in our collective intercession, and you can expect the divine touch of God to reach you right from the comfort of your own space.

Sow Your Seed of Faith

Your faith, your prayers, and your presence are already powerful instruments of change. Now, we invite you to take a step further—a step of faith that demonstrates your trust in the miraculous power of God.

We encourage you to sow a seed of faith into your personal altar of healing and deliverance. Your seed is not just a financial offering; it’s a symbol of your unwavering trust in God’s ability to bring about change in your life. Just as Abraham built altars to mark his encounters with God, your seed represents a sacred moment of connection and surrender.

How to Sow Your Seed

1. Click On The Link Below To Sow Your Seed

2. Choose an amount that resonates with your faith and your belief in God’s healing and deliverance power.

3. As you sow your seed, do so with intention. Offer it as a symbol of your trust in God’s ability to bring healing and restoration to every area of your life.

Your seed is not just an act of giving; it’s a declaration of faith. It’s an affirmation that you trust in God’s promises and His desire to see you whole, free, and victorious.

As you sow your seed, expect a deepening of your spiritual connection with God. Expect a release of His grace, His favor, and His miraculous power into your life. Your seed is an expression of your faith, and God honors faith.

During our Friday Healing & Deliverance Service, your seed will be presented as a symbol of your faith and your request for healing and deliverance. It will become an integral part of our collective prayer and intercession. Just as your prayer requests are lifted before the Lord, your seed will be a constant reminder of your trust in His healing touch.



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Beloved, I urge you not to underestimate the significance of this moment. Your seed is a testament to your unwavering faith, and it has the power to usher in the miraculous. As you prepare for the service, take this step of faith and sow your seed with expectation and gratitude.

Let your personal altar of faith be a place where miracles happen, where healing flows, and where deliverance is realized. May your faith in God’s promises be unwavering, and may your seed bring forth a harvest of blessings beyond measure.



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Remember you can give with your card through the phone it’s quicker and safer; the prayer warriors can assist you to write down your prayer request. Or you can ask them to write the prayer of agreement form on your behalf; just call any of the numbers on the prayer agreement form. You can also bring it and put it in my hand for the sake of a special anointing. I would love to pray with you personally and release the power of God in your life. If you would like to see me personally please call our office appointment. But if you need a quick prayer then just pop in anytime, we are here to serve you. Every Sunday Morning at 10:00AM – No Appointment needed. You can also sow straight into the Ministries account through online banking or by visiting your nearest LLOYDS BANK


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SORT CODE: 30-91-91


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Please note if you are sending your special Offering via Money Gram or Western Union the name has been changed to Jennifer Wiseman, 93 Camberwell Station Road, London, SE5 9JJ, UK


(This is my secretary. Due to my schedule; she will collect your donation on my behalf)


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Yours In Prophecy, 

Prophet Climate

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