Victory Over Every Troubling Spirit (Deliverance Series Vol. 7)


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Powerful Prayers For Total Deliverance, Healing and Breakthrough.

From Every Trouble That Has Been Stopping Your Flow Of Finances, Health, Love, Joy, Peace, and Rich Good.


Have people been causing trouble for you in your workplace, your family, your marriage or your business? Does it seem like there’s always someone creating a bad name for you, trying to discredit you and put you in a compromising situation?


If you answered YES, then this book is for YOU!


In “Victory Over Every Troubling Spirit”  you’ll learn all about the Achan spirit (the spirit of trouble) and how it works against you to hinder the flow of God’s blessing in your life. This spirits works to defile you in order to cause you to miss your blessing and to lose the protection and favor of God upon your life. Now you can discover the position you are to take towards your enemies and the promises of God on dealing with your enemies. If you have people causing trouble for you at work, in your family or in any other area then this book is for you! God has anointed Bishop Climate with such wisdom to be able to pinpoint the root of your problems. Get this book today and experience victory in every area of your life!


Get your Copy Today and Be Free!

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