Destroying Every Spirit of Poverty & Lack (Deliverance Series Vol. 8)


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Now Experience Powerful Prayers To Help You Overcome Poverty, Lack, Barrenness & Miscarriage in your Finances, Health, Body, Marriage/Relationships, Career/Business, and every area of your life!

Does it seem like poverty is following you everywhere no matter how hard you work? Does every attempt you try at business and every opportunity that comes along seem to result to nothing? Are you experiencing lack in other areas of your life as well (marriage, health, career, family, etc.)?


In “Destroying the Spirit of Poverty and Lack” Bishop Climate teaches you all about:

  • the spirit of poverty and lack and how it causes barrenness, miscarriage, and unproductivity in every area of your life.
  • what exactly the spirit of poverty is and how you can be able to overcome every force of failure in your life.
  • the implications of the spirit of poverty and how it not only affects your finances but every area of your life.
  • the biblical principle of the Miracle Salt and how others have used it and experienced breakthroughs.
  • powerful prayer points for you to use to be able to dismantle every demonic power in your life that has been withholding your blessing.


This book is a must have for everyone who is serious about experiencing abundance. PLUS YOU’LL RECEIVE A FREE AUDIOBOOK BONUS!


You are about to come out of every financial bondage, every marital bondage and every sickness. Let the revelation that God has poured into Bishop Climate change your life. Order your copy TODAY and experience victory in every area of your life!

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