Destroying Every Demonic Altar (Deliverance Series Vol. 17)


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Are you or your family suffering from circles of death, misfortune, poverty, bad luck, incurable diseases, bareness, singleness or doomed marriages? Are you struggling in your career and feel someone is personally out to get you? Do you think that someone in your family is behind all your problems?

In his new book “Destroying Every Demonic Altar” Bishop Climate unveils the root of your problems and how to overcome them. What you are about to discover can change the history of your life, your family, and everything you know to be true. Discover the eight signs of a demonic altar in your life and what you can do to destroy it for good. Get this book now and experience the freedom you have longed for!

You’ll discover…
– What is a demonic altar?
– Personal stories from the prophet
– 16 prayer points to dismantle demonic altars

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