Bringing Down the Goliath Spirit (Deliverance Series Vol. 18)


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Powerful Prayers For Total Deliverance, Healing and Breakthrough.

Break Free From Every Circles of Fear and Intimidation in the Working Place, Relationships, Family, Health, Finances, and More!


Are you suffering from strange fears, being tormented every day, panicking for no reason at all? Do you feel like there is always death around you or that someone is trying to destroy your life and your progress? Can you trace the day all your problems began to the moment you allowed a specific person in your life?

If any of this relates to you, then you need this prayer book.


In ”Bringing Down Goliath (The Spirit of Fear)” discover what is behind every fear, death and confusion in your life. The prophet of God Bishop Climate speaks to you one on one about what’s really going on in your life. You’ll learn how to deal with your enemies even when they are stronger than you. Stop feeling defeated and living in fear and take back what belongs to you!


In Bringing Down Goliath (The Spirit of Fear) you’ll discover: 

  • How the goliath spirit operates
  • How the goliath spirit uses manipulation, fear, and intimidation to control your life and desitny
  • How your enemies have been playing spiritual mindgames to keep you at bay
  • The keys that David used to bring down Goliath
  • The importance of confidence in God
  • How to stand up to your enemies
  • 22 Power Packed Daily Prayer Points for you to use to overcome this spirit

Get this book now and take back control of your life! 

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