Breaking the Curse of Good Beginnings and Bad Endings (Deliverance Series Vol. 2) (EBOOK)


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PowerfulPrayersFor Total Deliverance, Healing and Breakthrough.

Cross Over To Success, Enjoy Long-Lasting Success – No More Last Minute Disasters!

Do things in your life seem unstable? Are you always starting things and for one reason or another are never able to finish? Does it seems like every time a good opportunity comes your way something always comes up and snatches it from under you?

Then you need this prayer book.

Many people start well but along the way something happens and ruins their ending. In “Breaking the Curse of Good Beginnings and Bad Endings” Bishop Climate teaches you how you can overcome that curse. When your spiritual enemies put an evil mark on you they mark you for failure and disgrace. Once that happens you are never able to complete anything and your life just wanders in the wilderness. But now you can be free from every evil mark and from every curse of restlessness. After reading this book, you will be able to pinpoint your problems and know how to solve the recurring issues you have faced in the past. You must make progress, you must have victory in Jesus name!

These sixteen prayer points will enable you to build, finish, and prosper in everything that you put your hand to. No more will evil curses scatter your profits, no more will evil curses break your life at its peak, no more will years of hard work and commitment be thrown to the dust with nothing left to show.

These prayer points will enable you to overcome every wandering spirit. If your life has been like a wilderness and you have nothing to show for it, then you need this book today.

Sixteen Prayer Points To Break Every Curse of Good Beginnings & Bad Endingswill destroy every evil mark that has destined your life to failure. Just like Cain was sentenced to the wilderness with a mark, many are walking around in life with a mark that sentences them to a life of no results. Though you have so much potential, but unforseen disasters and heartbreak will come at the last moment and rob you of all your joy. These prayer points will help you to keep what is yours. These prayer points will enable you to enjoy your life.

In Sixteen Prayer Points To Break The Curse of Good Beginnings & Bad Endings you will:

  • Learn the signs that you are carrying this curse
  • Discover how this curse can be transferred to your life
  • Pray against every demonic powers that have caused you to be a fugitive
  • Remove every demonic mark that has sentenced you to a life of wilderness
  • Learn how to seal your deliverance

Get this book now – It’s Time To Be Free!


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