Breaking Every Demonic Spell (Deliverance Series Vol. 14)


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Does it seem like things in your life don’t add up? No matter what you try to do, how hard you work, how much you pray, you can never get your breakthrough? Does it seem as though no matter what you do, you always fail? No matter how hard you try, your enemies always prevail against you?

In his new book “Breaking the Demonic Spells” the man of God Bishop Climate reveals the truth about spells and how your enemies can cast them over your life in order to cause you to fail. The reason why you are always getting the same results is because there is a supernatural power that has been working against you. But after reading this book your life is going to take a dramatic turn, as God will begin fighting for you. After praying through 20 powerful prayer points that the man of God has written on breaking demonic spells, your enemies will no longer prevail in your life. They will be forced to ask God for permission before they can harm you and God is going to say ACCESS DENIED! Get your book today and begin to experience breakthrough once and for all!

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