Dear Child of God,

My name is Sophia Turner, and for 24 long, unbearable years, I was shackled by an oppressive spiritual husband. This unseen tormentor haunted my every moment, a relentless phantom that turned every bit of happiness into despair. Each new day was simply another stage for my unfolding nightmare.

The cycle seemed unbreakable until, by divine orchestration, I came across the Midnight Deliverance Service. Broadcast live from London, the program was led by none other than the formidable Master Prophet Climate. At the stroke of midnight, his powerful prayers resonated through the air, permeating the stillness of the night, promising deliverance to those ensnared by spiritual adversaries.

With apprehension pulsating through my veins, I found myself tuning in. Each word he uttered ignited a spark of hope that had long been extinguished. His words weren’t merely uttered; they were launched like fiery arrows into the abyss of my despair, paving the way for a glimmer of light in my darkened world.

As the weeks passed, I noticed an unimaginable transformation. The stifling grip of torment began to loosen, replaced by an unfamiliar tranquility. The incessant nightmare was receding, replaced by an impending sense of liberation.

Then, on one extraordinary midnight, during an especially fervent prayer, the ground of my torment split open. The spiritual husband, my monstrous oppressor, was banished into the abyss, never to return. I was catapulted from an abyss of darkness into a realm drenched in divine light. My deliverance was absolute, my freedom – resolute.

Embracing this newfound liberation, I pledged my allegiance to the online church under the guidance of Master Prophet Climate. This vibrant community became my spiritual home, a place of collective faith and empowerment.

Today, I, Sophia Turner, stand as a living testament to the formidable power of prayer, the resilience of faith, and the boundless grace of the Divine. I implore you, no matter the depth of your despair or the might of your spiritual adversary, to tune into the Midnight Deliverance Service. Become part of the online church, and witness the power of collective faith. Remember, no night is so dark that it cannot be pierced by the dawn of deliverance. My life bears witness to this divine truth.


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Do you feel like you’re constantly facing obstacles that just won’t seem to let up? No matter how hard you try, do these challenges persist and recur, creating a sense of continuous struggle in your life? One of the signs that your ‘star’ or destiny is in a stronghold, is when you feel trapped in a cycle that hinders your progress and peace.

To confront this, I invite you to join us for our Online Midnight Deliverance Prayer Service tonight at 12AM UK TIME.

This is more than just a gathering; it’s a powerful session where we will stand together in prayer and unity to combat the strongholds in our lives.

We believe that prayer is a powerful tool, capable of breaking the strongest chains that keep us from realizing our full potential. Together, we will plead for divine intervention and deliverance from these persistent difficulties, to free our stars from any strongholds.

Don’t face these trials alone. Let’s unite our spirits and voices at midnight in a moment of strong intercession, standing together to break free from any shackles hindering our progress.

Remember, when we gather in faith and agreement, incredible things can happen. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Prophet Climate

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