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Dear Child Of God

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We are excited to share with you a divine and transformative opportunity at Bishop Climate Ministries . every month, we hold the Morning Glory Special Miracle Incense Service, and we invite you to be part of this powerful and sacred gathering.

Date: 1st Sunday of Every Month
Time: 9:00 -3pm

The Morning Glory Special Miracle Incense Service is designed to be a time of prayer, worship, and praise, taking us to a new level in our spiritual walk. Guided by divine instruction from God, we will sanctify ourselves using the Sanctification Oil, preparing our hearts to encounter the presence of the Almighty.

During this extraordinary service, our esteemed Bishop Climate will employ special anointed frankincense, filling the sanctuary with its fragrant smoke, just as described in Revelation 8:13 (NIV):

“Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all God’s people, on the golden altar in front of the throne. The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up before God from the angel’s hand.”

The power of frankincense, symbolizing our prayers ascending to God’s throne, creates a unique atmosphere for miraculous encounters and divine breakthroughs.

Dress Code: Strictly All White

To reflect the theme of holiness and purity, we kindly request that all attendees come dressed in All White attire. As we seek the face of God, this symbolic dress code represents our dedication to walking in righteousness and drawing closer to Him.

Prepare Yourself for Divine Instructions

We encourage you to come to this special service with all your prayer requests for the specific month. Prepare yourself physically and spiritually, as the Lord is set to release powerful instructions and revelations during this gathering.

Powerful Testimonies From the Frankincense Service

We have witnessed the remarkable impact of the Frankincense Service in the lives of our congregation. Many have experienced powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit, visions, and breakthroughs. Testimonies have poured in, recounting healing, deliverance, and answered prayers. This could be your moment of divine visitation!

Submit Your Prayer Requests Online

If you are unable to attend physically, we have made provisions for you to join us online with our virtual family. Submit your prayer requests online, and our dedicated team will personally include them in the service, offering them before God in the sanctuary.

[Link to Submit Prayer Requests Online]

Click Here To

Activate Your Breakthrough with Giving

As we approach the Morning Glory Special Miracle Incense Service, I want to encourage you to take a step of faith by sowing seeds and giving special offerings. By clicking the link below, you can make your donation or special offering. Your act of faith and obedience will be a seed sown, and God, who sees your heart, will surely bless you abundantly in return.

[Link to Donate and Activate Your Breakthrough]

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Through the same link, you will also have the opportunity to submit your most urgent prayer requests. These requests will be printed and presented to the altar during the service. As the incense burns, our beloved Master Prophet, Climate, will lift your petitions before God as a fragrant offering, just as the scriptures describe in Revelation 8:3-4.

Mark your calendars and invite your friends and family to be part of this life-changing experience. We believe that as we gather in unity and faith, God will move in extraordinary ways.

Remember, the Morning Glory Special Miracle Incense Service will take place on the 1st Sunday of every month at 9:00 AM, at The Kingdom Church, London, located at 93 Camberwell Station Road, SE5 9JJ.

We eagerly look forward to sharing this powerful encounter with you and witnessing God’s hand move mightily in your life.

Blessings and love,

Master Prophet Climate

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