A Fiery Breakthrough: Overcoming Spiritual Attacks with God’s Power

Greetings, my name is Grace, and I am here to share a testimony that has forever changed the course of my life and the lives of my family.

Imagine living in a neighborhood surrounded by an air of darkness, where unknown forces work against you and sinister energies seem to be lurking at every corner. That was our reality. In the midst of what should have been a peaceful community, we found ourselves living amidst a web of spiritual warfare and negativity.

Behind our house lay a forest that had been used for years as a site for dark rituals and chants. Known witches and practitioners of dark arts frequented this place, casting their malevolent intentions into the air. It was as if the very atmosphere around us was charged with negative energy.

One day, we discovered something chilling behind our fence: a voodoo doll. A black doll covered in evil markings that seemed to symbolize us. As an African family, we understood the significance of this act. It was a direct spiritual attack, a declaration of malicious intent from those who sought to harm us.

Our lives took a turn for the worse. Bad luck seemed to follow us relentlessly, and trouble haunted our home. We knew that our neighbors were behind this, targeting us with their sinister schemes. Desperate for a breakthrough, I turned to The Kingdom Church for help.

With a heart full of faith, I attended the Miracle Fire Service, believing that God’s power could expose and conquer the spiritual enemies that surrounded us. In the presence of the fire, I fervently threw the names of our neighbors, particularly one whom my spirit told me was orchestrating these attacks.

Miraculously, after one of the Fire Services, a neighbor approached me with news. The very neighbor who had been responsible for the voodoo had passed away. He had been dead for a while before authorities found him. It was as if God had intervened, dismantling the very source of darkness that had plagued us.

With renewed faith, I continued to attend the Miracle Fire Services, bringing my concerns and troubles to God’s consuming fire. The breakthroughs were undeniable. Another neighbor, overwhelmed by the divine power, decided to leave the area. And as if orchestrated by the heavens themselves, two more neighbors are in the process of moving away.

God’s presence in the Miracle Fire Services was undeniable, and the impact on our lives was profound. He was clearing out our enemies one by one, releasing us from the grip of darkness that had ensnared us.

Child of God, The power of God’s consuming fire is undeniable, and this woman stands as a living testament to its miraculous impact. If you find yourself in a similar situation, battling persistent enemies, unexplained problems, and negative circumstances, I implore you to join us this Friday for our Miracle Fire Service. Throw all your problems into the fire and let God fight on your behalf. Miracles happen in the presence of the consuming fire, and breakthroughs are possible when we trust in His power.

The Miracle Fire Service at The Kingdom Church is a divine encounter that has transformed so many lives. It’s not just an event; it’s a conduit for God’s supernatural power to manifest in your situation. 

How Can You Participate?

Submitting your prayer request is the first step towards aligning your faith with God’s divine plan. As you lay your troubles and concerns before Him, you open the door for His mighty hand to move on your behalf. This is the moment to release the burdens that have weighed you down and connect with the One who can bring about lasting change.

But that’s not all—the act of sowing a seed during the Miracle Fire Service takes your faith to the next level. When you invest in your breakthrough through sowing a seed, you are connecting your faith with God’s power in a tangible way. Your seed becomes a symbol of your trust in His ability to transform your circumstances and pave the way for miracles to unfold.

The Bible tells us in Psalms 68:21 that Surely God will crush the heads of his enemies, the hairy crowns of those who go on in their sins.

Especially this Fire Service, I am believing God to crush all those who have determined to make your life a living hell. All those who have set themselves against you, determined to bring you down, I am asking God on your behalf to crush them all! 

Just as this woman and many others witnessed the walls of darkness crumble and enemies scatter through the Miracle Fire Service, I believe that you too can experience a shift in your situation. Submit your prayer request with faith, sow your seed with expectation, and watch as God’s fire consumes the obstacles standing in your way.

Remember, miracles happen where faith meets action. Your step of faith—submitting your prayer request and sowing your seed—can be the catalyst for the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Join me in this journey of faith, and let’s witness the miraculous together.

Now Here’s What I Need You To Do: 

1. Using the prayer agreement form below, I need you to write me all the names of your enemies; all the persistent problems in your life that have been a constant source of struggle. You can also 

2. I need you to build up an altar according to Psalms 68 that God will crush the heads of all your enemies and bring them to nothing. The fire that consumes the obstacles in your life is the same fire that crushed the heads of enemies in ancient times. As you submit your prayer request and sow your seed, you are partnering with the God of victory to see His promises fulfilled in your life.

3. Once I receive your prayer request and special offering, I’m goign to print it off to be thrown into the Fire this Friday and watch as God begins to consume all those things which have been trying to consume you. 

4. Join Me This Friday @7PM UK Time LIVE Online via Youtube/Facebook or In Person

Beloved, it’s time to declare your victory. The enemies that have taunted and tormented you will be crushed by the power of God’s consuming fire. God is on your side, ready to bring down the giants that stand in your way. As you come to the Miracle Fire Service, do so with the assurance that you are aligning with the God of victory.



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