Dear Child of God,

Tonight God shall deliver you. Tonight God shall come for you. It’s time for you to experience a miracle. I see the glory of God is about to be seen upon your life. I see the glory of God is going to rise up, suddenly that darkness over your situation is about to disappear. Where there has been confusion there is going to be clarity. Where there has been stagnation there is going to incredible breakthrough.

The Lord has revealed to me that anyone who has set themselves against you in order to bring you down, whosoever has been chasing your glory, tonight they will find themselves fighting against God. Tonight they must die by fire!

When the glory of God is upon you, you attract wealth, good health, favour, opportunities. But when your glory has been stripped away from you, you become confused, you lose all sense of your identity, you live in fear and frustration, unable to take control of your life.

This is how the children of Israel lived for 430 years. Until the day when God restored their glory. Suddenly Pharoah realised something about them had changed. These people who he had enslaved who longer being spoken of as slaves, but people of power and might. And so when they left Egypt, he sent 600 of his best chariots after them.

When someone is after your glory, they are determined to bring you down. They become so stubborn, so bent on pursuing you; even when all what you want is peace. They are obsessed with taking away what you have; not to use it for themselves, but to destroy it.

Tonight the Lord has shown me that anyone who is determined to destroy you through witchcraft and sorcery, they will die by fire!

Tonight is our Miracle Fire Service and I want you to write the names of all the people who you feel are after your glory. Don’t worry if they are innocent or guilty, if they are innocent God will spare them. But if they are guilty, those glory stealers, those who are seeking your glory, you shall see them no more.

I saw in my spirit some spiritual guns that have been targeting your glory, but today I command them to back fire in the name of Jesus. I saw many times when you were young, your enemies tried to swap your glory, causing a lot of recurring sickness and other troublesome issues. But tonight, God will restore your glory in His mercy. Every covenant of the world that stole your glory, God will restore it.

Yes, tonight as your fire burns, I see God’s glory reviving you. I see His power resurrecting your destiny again.

Arise,shine, for your lighthas come, and the gloryof theLordrises upon you. See, darknesscovers the earth and thick darknessis over the peoples, but theLordrises upon you and his glory appears over you. (Isaiah 60:1-2)

Now Here’s What I Need You To Do:

1.I need you to write all the names of the people who you feel are after your glory. Write all those you are suspecting and those you know are guilty. Remember, if they are innocent God will spare them. But those who are bent on destroying you, God will fight against them tonight!

2.I feel so strong in my spirit that you need to build up an altar according to Isaiah 60 to claim back your glory. As you build up this altar, you are going to get your glory back. You are going to unlock that breakthrough which God promised you. You can also sow according to the scripturesoutlined on the prayer agreement form below. You can also pray and ask God how much you should give.

3. As soon as I receive your prayer request with your special offering, I am going to print it off and throw it in the fire this Friday.As it burns in the fire, I see the axe of God destroying every root of your problem.

4. Remember to join me LIVE this Friday from 7PM UK Time. You can watch us live via Youtube, Facebook our on our BCM Ministry App.



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Remember you can give with yourcard through the phone it’s quicker and safer; the prayer warriors can assist you to write down your prayer request. Or you can ask them to write the prayer of agreement form on your behalf; just call any of the numbers on the Prayer Agreement Form.

You can also bring it and put it in my hand for the sake of a special anointing. I would love to pray with you personally and release the power of God in your life. If you would like to see me personally please call our office appointment. But if you need a quick prayer then just pop in anytime, we are here to serve you. Every Sunday Morning at 9am – No Appointment needed.

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