** I Saw A Demonic Appointment Over Your Life That Wants To Sentence You To A Life Of Failure! The Problem You Are Facing Today Was Already Predetermined To Take Place.†But Tonight, As I Throw Your Prayer Request In The Fire, Every Demonic Appointment Over Your Life Will Be Cancelled! **

Dear Child of God,

The Bible tells us that what we see is temporary but what we don’t see is permanent. Before anything takes place in the physical realm, it has already taken place in the spiritual. Before the children of Israel even ventured into Egypt, their fate of being enslaved for 400 years was already sealed. Before Jesus even came to earth and went to the cross, the Bible tells us that the lamb of God was slain before the foundations of the world (Revelation 13:8). Everything that is happening in your life has already happened in the spiritual realm.†

And so right now if you are facing legal issue, marriage issue, health issue, financial issue, etc. it’s because the problem already originated in the spiritual realm. It could have been 6 months ago, even 6 years ago.††

The Bible tells usFor He looked down from the height of His sanctuary, from heaven did the Lord behold the earth,†To hear the sighing†and†groaning of the prisoner, to loose those who are appointed to death,†(Psalms 102:19-20)

There are people whose fate has been sealed to die prematurely; to die by road accident; their fate has already been sealed to remain single; their fate has already been sealed to be widowed; their fate has already been sealed to live a life of struggle; their fate has already been sealed!

There are people who have been sentenced by sorcerer and witches. Because of jealousy and envy, they have been sentenced to failure; sentenced to suffer; sentenced to move from house to house. You see, when something is scheduled in the spiritual realm, there is no degree, no connection, no smarts that can outsmart it.

I saw in my spirit, some of the reoccurring issues you have been facing is because somebody had already sentenced you to failure. That is why you start many things well but they always end badly.†

But today I want to speak into your life, every appointment with death, with sickness and diseases in your life, I bind it in the name of Jesus.

This Friday evening is the fire service. I am going to ask God to look down from heaven as the fire begins to burn, and burn every chain, burn every appointment with death, burn every appointment with sickness, with premature death.†

I can even see some things which have already been scheduled to happen in your life up ahead, but we can reverse that through Christ Jesus.†

Right now, I command you to be loosed from every appointment with sickness and disease, every premature death that has already been scheduled into your life, I command you to be loosed in the name of Jesus.†

Tonight, as I throw your prayer request in the fire, every appointment with failure, rejection, whatever was meant to bring you down, to stop you, to depress you, to frustrate you, it is going to be cancelled. Yes, as the prophet of God over your life I take authority over every death in motion, every sickness in motion, right now I bind it in Jesus’ name. Every appointment with death, every appointment with bad luck, that has been assigned in order to destroy your life, I bind it, I command it to die by fire!

Now Here’s What You Must Do:†

1. I†want you to send me the areas where you have been suffering, any area of your life where you have been experiencing failure. Tonight, as I lay my hand on your prayer request, and throw them in the fire, every chain that has tied you up, every demonic chain that have scheduled you to fail, is going to burn. I want you to submit the names of your enemies, all your bills, anything that has chained you to poverty, to sickness to disease, it must die by fire!

2. I†want you to build up an altar with God according to Psalms 102. This is a seed of release for God to loose you from any appointment with death. Remember in order for your enemies to schedule a demonic appointment, they must build an altar. Often times they will build multiple altars. That is why tonight, your altar will override every demonic altar. Sow your seed of £102 or whatsoever you can afford, so long as it is in faith.†

I can see an altar that has been prepared to stop your progress, to hinder you, to frustrate you, to make you give up on your destiny.††But may the fire of God kill every wizard, every sorcerer, anybody that has built up a demonic altar against you and your family.†

3. Tonight as I print off your prayer request and throw it into the fire, every appointment with death over your life; every demonic appointment that has already been scheduled for you, is going to be cancelled in Jesus name!

4. Remember to join me LIVE at 8pm UK Time via Youtube, Facebook or our Ministry App

Tonight, God will look down from heaven and rescue you




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  1. witch craft against my marrige,my husband isnt the same its like he dont love or care for me any more.addiction ive tried to stop using drugs i dont want to use drugs i dont want to go to hell.my daughters boyfriend dont belive in jesus.i know he brings alot of ugly spirits into our home.he just using my daughter please lord open her eyes hes no good for her.belives in opening the 3rd eye has tried to open his idk.oh my home is divided please i need help i need answers so much more .

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Mary, Fear not. You really need deliverance but God has led you to the right place. We have just sent you an email (please check your junk mail/spam folder incase you dont see it). We also encourage you to call in to our Prayer Centre for prayer 1-347-708-1449

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