Dear Child of God,

Congratulations, we have come to the end of our Daniel Fasting. For the past 20 days we have been learning on how to receive the blessing of the Lord that will bring forth fruit for three years. 

If you have missed out, or tuned in late in the month, I encourage you to go back to the beginning and start again from Day 1. For the time being you can still find all the services on our YouTube channel or go back and check the emails for each day and follow the instructions. Remember if you haven’t yet started Daniel Fasting you can start today for the next 21 days, and the same blessings shall follow you amen. 

For now, as we are about to finish tomorrow at 6PM UK Time, I need you to send me your final prayer request so I can have it here at the altar with me. 

The Bible tells us that we are to make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).

For as long as we are on this earth, time will be important. We cannot escape it, and it is involved in everything that we do. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but what we do with it determines the type of life we will have. 

The powers of darkness are there to frustrate you, to delay you, to hinder you. But it’s not up to God, it’s up to you. Be wise with your time. 

Yesterday I spoke about seeing every challenge as an opportunity. You must be strong this year and take charge of your life. Put your dreams on paper and begin taking a step towards them each and every day. When God gave Joseph a dream that he would be a leader, he did not allow his circumstances to put that dream on hold. When he was sold into slavery to Potiphar’s house, he could have gotten bitter, but he was wise enough to make himself useful. From there he was promoted and rose to the top. Again, when he was thrown in jail, he decided to make the most of his time and became useful there as well. But all of that was preparing him for the great destiny that God had for him. 

You may not be where you want to be today, but each and every day you can take one small step forward towards the dream that God has for you. And that is why I want to pray for you and anoint you that God will make you the most productive person in your world. In your family, your career, your relationship, etc. you will be the most productive person. 

Now Here’s What I Want You To Do:

1. Remember we are doing our Daniel Fasting for 21 days. We finish at 6PM UK Time on January 21. If you haven’t yet started, you can start today. You can eat any time of the day, but no meat (fish, pork, beef, etc.) and no alcohol. Apart from that feel free to eat what you like. 

2. Using the prayer agreement form below, I need you to send me areas of your life where you want to become the most productive person.

3. I need you to send me a picture of yourself and/or your loved ones, I am going to anoint you to become the most productive person. 

3. Today connect with your seed and build up an altar according to 21, this is your SEED FOR MY TOMORROW! As you sow this seed you declare that your Tomorrow shall be greater. You can give any amount according to 21 or as you are led to give. 

4. Below I have included 12 Powerful Declarations For You To Activate Divine Productivity Over Your Life

5. Remember to join me tomorrow LIVE at 6PM UK Time. As we finish our Daniel Fasting we will be feasting in the house of God, so you can join us from home, get your meat and celebrate with us. I have one final prophey to release over your life so don’t miss out.




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Scripture Leviticus 25:21, 1Samuel 17:34-36 & Hebrews 5:13-14 

(Remember you can always edit/fill in certain prayer points to apply to your personal life)


1. Jehovah God, make me the most productive person in my world. 

2. I take authority over every spirit of time wasters that want to drain my time and my life, I command them to die by fire!

3. Right now I ask you Lord to give me wisdom to know those people which don’t value my time or my life. 

4. I declare I am wise enough to make use of my time, for the days are evil.

5. Where my life is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

6. Where my marriage/relationship is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

7. Where my career is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

8. Where my business is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

9. Where my health is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

10. Where my children are concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

11. Where my home is concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.

12. Where my dreams are concerned, I declare I am the most productive person.


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