Dear Child Of God,

I trust this message finds you in the spirit of expectation and faith. Today, I am thrilled to bring forth a testimony that unfolded during our recent Prosperity Conference, a story that echoes the divine power at work in the lives of those who connect with Master Prophet Climate’s teachings.

The Testimony: £45,000 Financial Breakthrough in 4 Hours:

In the midst of our live broadcast on YouTube, an extraordinary narrative began to take shape. One of our participants, John, embraced the principles shared during the conference with unwavering faith. Encouraged by the teachings on offering and divine favor, he decided to take a bold step of faith and connected with his sacrificial offering of £250.

To our collective astonishment, within a mere 4 hours of making that faith-filled offering, John experienced a staggering financial breakthrough—a miraculous £45,000! This is not just a fortuitous event; it is a manifestation of the divine principles we are uncovering together in this transformative journey.

Yesterday, as we dove into Day 2 of our Prosperity Conference, we dove deeper into the transformative concept of “Offering” and understood how it serves as a key that unlocks the doors to prosperity.

In our journey towards blessings and financial growth, we discovered that there are three primary ways to give: Tithing, Offering, and Sowing Seeds. Today, we will focus on the profound significance of Offering.

Tithing – Your Responsibility:
Tithing is your financial commitment to God. It’s the practice of giving 10% of your income, and it carries the responsibility of honoring God’s covenant. By setting aside this portion of your earnings, you demonstrate your trust in God’s divine provision and acknowledge His role as the ultimate source of your prosperity. Tithing is not just a financial transaction; it’s a spiritual commitment that sets the stage for your financial well-being.

Offering – Building an Altar to God:
Offering is a deeply spiritual act, much different from tithing. It goes beyond percentages and requires a heartfelt connection with God. To give an offering, you must seek divine guidance and pray to understand what God wants you to give. This process of prayer and discernment is an intimate conversation with the Divine. It’s about building an altar to God, a sacred space where your intentions and faith converge. Your offering is a tangible expression of your faith, trust, and devotion. It’s a powerful way to align yourself with God’s will and open the door to His abundant blessings.

How Your Offering Unlocks Prosperity:
1. Giving Your Best: When you offer, you must give your best. Just as God rejected Cain’s offering because it was the leftovers, your offering should be the first and best portion of what you have. This principle is beautifully articulated in Malachi 1:8, emphasizing the significance of offering your finest to God. By presenting your best, you are demonstrating your genuine commitment to God’s plan for your prosperity.

2. Emulating God: Giving is an intrinsic part of God’s divine nature. He was the first to give an offering when He sacrificed a lamb to provide clothing for Adam and Eve. In our offerings, we are not just presenting material wealth; we are emulating the divine character of God. We are sharing His loving nature, and as we give, we connect with His heart.

3. Opening the Heavens: The act of offering has a remarkable impact on our connection with the divine. Just as in the story of King Solomon, who offered 1000 burnt sacrifices, God appeared to him in a dream and offered him anything he desired. Your offering opens up the heavens for divine blessings and supernatural favor. It’s a powerful spiritual transaction that paves the way for God’s abundance to flow into your life.

4. A Heart Free from Offense: Matthew 5:22-25 reminds us that God will not accept your offering if you hold offense or unforgiveness in your heart. Your offering should come from a place of love, purity, and forgiveness. A heart that is free from grudges is open to the fullness of God’s blessings.

Your Invitation to Miracles:

I shared  the testimony ealier not to boast, but to extend an invitation. Miracles are not reserved for a select few; they are within reach for each one of you. Your faith, your offering, and your connection to the divine teachings during these broadcasts have the power to unlock incredible blessings in your life.

I invite you to join us for the upcoming live broadcast on YouTube with Master Prophet Climate. This is more than an event; it’s an opportunity for your life to be transformed. As you connect, open your heart to receive, believe in the power of your offering, and anticipate the extraordinary.

May this testimony strengthen your faith and ignite the anticipation of miracles beyond your wildest dreams.

In awe of the miraculous,

Remember the touching story of the widow’s mite. She had only two copper coins, yet her offering was deeply significant because it was all she had. Her sincerity and trust in God moved His heart. This reminds us that it’s not the quantity but the quality and sincerity of your offering that matters.

We receive the greatest gift of all from God – His Son. In return, our lives should be a continuous offering to Him, including our finances. If you want to walk in the real Blessing of the Lord, we must establish a regular practice of offering unto the Lord.

As we continue our journey today, I encourage you to open your hearts to the transformative power of offering. The path to prosperity is before us, and your offering is the key that unlocks its treasures.

Today, I want you to Connect with your sacrificial offering of £100 or $100 for God to unlock His favor and His blessing over your life. If you really want to experience the prosperous life, the abundant life, that God has for you, this is the way to it. Take that step of faith as you get ready to join me tonight at 7:30PM UK Time, here in London. 




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Yours In Prophecy, 

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