Dear Partner,

Peace be with you. Right now, I kneel before God the Father, of whom the whole family in the earth and the heavens have been established in the mighty name of Jesus, praying for you in the Holy Land.

I am now in Jerusalem, the city of the great king. And from here, its where Jesus rose up from the dead. And from here, I declare and I decree that the same spirit that raised up Christ from the dead is going to quicken your life, your business, your relationship like never before. Today I have seen the power of God, the anointing of God. As you know very well, I am in the Holy Land, taking a spiritual and a physical journey of redemption on your behalf. Every day, every hour I have been seeing the hand of God, the power of God like never before.

Right now, I am at a state where I am so overwhelmed by what is happening. I have been coming to the Holy Land for the last 15 years, but to my surprise, what I have experienced this year is a confirmation that the Lord God has anointed me as a prophet over the nations. And that is why I want to prophesy to your life to let you know that today God shall bless you. Even by reading this mail, God will bless you.

You see, today I visited a few places. I was in Bethlehem, and the most amazing thing was that I visited the field of Boaz and the field of the shepherds. And guess what? It is the same field where David received the good news.

I was with the group of my faithful members who have accompanied me on this spiritual journey. You know the most amazing thing here is, that in Bethlehem, one land experienced three divine visitations. And all of them brought good news. I want you to know I took your prayer request with me and I prayed and I buried them in the field of Boaz. The same spot that David also received good news that he is going to be a king forever. The same place that the shepherd heard good news of good will towards men. As long as those prayer requests remain there, good news will never stop flowing in your life. If you believe it shout AMEN seven times.

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One of the sons of the prophets actually even told me to plant their driving license there, another one planted their socks. Then one of the daughters of the prophet, as soon as she was walking in that land, there was tingling all over her feet. It is the Power of God. Child of God, next time when am travelling for spiritual purpose, for mission purpose, I want you to come with me. There is a grace and there is an anointing, and I pray that God will open up a way for you.

Tomorrow is even going to be greater. We will be visiting one of the most powerful places that anyone, no matter what their issue was, could receive a miracle. It is the pool of Bethesda.

Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.(John 5:2-4)

You see, in Bethesda , it represents grace. The word Bethesda means the house of kindness. It doesn’t matter what the situation was, if you were the first one, you were guaranteed to receive a miracle. Tomorrow, I want you to be the first one to send your prayer request. I want you to write any area that you want to experience the grace of God. No matter what area or situation you are going through. Remember whosoever was the first, when the angel stirred the water, received their healing.

Tomorrow, I believe the angel of the Lord will meet us at Bethesda. I will be there very early and when I show up there very early, I want you to send me 12 areas of your life where you are believing God for total wholeness.

This is what I want you to do. I want you to build an altar. Today one of the sons of the prophets built an altar and put a seed in my hand. Immediately their customer who has not been able to do any business for 5 months contacted them and did a transaction.

Another one connected with me in the Holy Land and they sent a seed believing God to be reunited with their lost daughter. As soon as they sowed that seed, while I was here in the Holy Land, their daughter contacted them that she will be coming home to see them, not with bad news but good news, that she has been very successful and actually she is bringing money with her to bless the family; that she will be buying her mother a car. Something is happening.

This is what I want you to do. Number 5 is the number of grace. I want you to raise up a seed according to the number 5. I want you to raise up an altar of 50 or anything to do with number 5.

Whichever way the Spirit of God will lead you, I need you to raise up that altar and I need you to declare grace 5 times. As soon as I receive your prayer request, plus your special offering according to number 5, I will print your prayer request and I will take them with me inside the city of Jerusalem to the pool of Bethesda. And am sure when I dip them in the pool of Bethesda, whichsoever situation you are facing, God will answer you.

You have to move quick. Remember this is very important. In the book of John 5, whosoever was first received their healing. So, you have to be first. We have only less than 10 hours. So, move on quickly, connect with your seed and you will see the power of God.



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