Dear Child of God,

I have good news for you! This month good things are about to happen to you. Yes good things are going to happen. But there is something we must do first.

For I saw in my spirit, for years there has been this spirit that is always waiting to spy on you, watching you from far, waiting for your moment of weakness, waiting for an opportunity to strike and scatter all your blessing.

On the cliff he dwells and remains securely, upon the point of the rock and the stronghold.From there he spies out the prey; and his eyes see it afar off. (Job 39:28-29)

I remember as a young boy helping out my father on the farm we would often take the herd of goats for 2 or 3 days journey, sometimes a weeklong. And every once in a while, I would notice vultures would begin to follow us. Sometimes for 3-4 days they would be following us until suddenly we realised one of our goats had died.

After some time I began to pick it up and the moment I saw the vultures I would begin to go through the herd looking for the one that was weak to help it to get better before it was too late.

The Bible talks about the birds of prey. You see there are birds that wait patiently and securely for their prey. They can sense weakness and they wait for that right opportunity.


Child of God, this is exactly what your enemy has been doing. Just like a vulture can sense when an animal is weak, sick or close to death, I saw in my spirit your enemies have been studying your star, watching you from far and spying on you. Yes they have been studying you, figuring out what your weakness is so that when the right time comes they can launch their attack.


These birds of prey, they wait for the moment of your breakthrough and then they come and mess it up. This is how you have lost many opportunities, having to start all over again from square one. Child of God, this is the reason why your life hasn’t progressed anymore, because a bird of prey is always cutting you off ahead of time. The same thing happened to Abraham, when he was cutting a covenant with God which was about to change his destiny from a father of none to the father of nations, the birds of prey came to try and cut it off.

And when the birds of prey swooped down upon the carcasses, Abram drove them away. (Genesis 15:11)

I declare that will not happen for you anymore. Anyone spying on your finances, spying on your family, anyone looking from far, looking on your star in order to find where to frustrate you and how to stop you, I bind them and I command them to die by fire!

Yes everybird of prey that is waiting securely from far, may their place of security collapse in Jesus name. Whosoever has been assigned to monitor you, studying your star to see how they can access your life, waiting for that moment to swoop and attack, let them die by fire.

Tomorrow is the Anointing of Hands Miracle Service. As I anoint your hands tomorrow, I decree and declare thatGod is going to protect you from any spy. Whoever is spying on you, they will not see you. Because I see a new path for you.

Job 28:7That path no bird of prey knows, and the falcon’s eye has not seen it.

Child of God, the Bible tells us there is a path that no bird of prey knows about. I declare that as I anoint your hands tomorrow God will place you on a new path. Yes God is going to hide all your treasures, He will hide your favour, He will hide your breakthrough from enemy spies so they will not be able to see you anymore.

Right now I need you to send me your prayer agreement form and a picture of your hands or of anything that you don’t want your enemy to steal from you. This could be your spouse/partner, your children, your career, etc. Tomorrow the Lord spoke to me that I must anoint you with 2 types of oil; the oil of prosperity and the oil of divine protection.

As I do that, I declare that whatsoever God will put in your hands, whatsoever God has put in your name, no one will ever take it from you. No bird of prey will ever steal your breakthrough from you; no bird of prey will every steal your miracle from you in Jesus name.

As you do that, I also feel in my spirit for you to sow a seed according to Job 28:7 for God to place you on that new path, the hidden path, where the enemy cannot find you. I’m waiting at my desk to receive your prayer request. My team will print it off and I’m going to wash and anoint it on your behalf tomorrow. This month you shall not be cut off from your blessing in Jesus name. What is yours must come to you and stay forever!



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