Dear Child of God,

I hope this email finds you well and filled with anticipation for the miracles that lie ahead. As the midnight hour ushers in a new day, I am here to share an extraordinary message with you. Brace yourself, for God’s divine provision is about to surprise you and bring about a remarkable transformation in your life.

No matter the challenges you may be facing today, I want you to know that the grace of God is ready to revolutionize your situation. Get ready to experience unmerited favor in your finances, career, and every aspect of your life. The blessings that await you are beyond what you could have ever imagined. Prepare to claim a house you didn’t even dare to dream of and financial abundance that will be permanently yours.

I understand that you may be feeling discontented with your current circumstances, and the thought of giving up may have crossed your mind. But let me assure you that God has not failed you, nor will He ever fail you. Remember, failure is an event, not a person. Out of every challenging event, there is an abundant compensation waiting for you.

Although you have faced frustration and delay, be encouraged, for change is on the horizon, and it will be a permanent transformation. You are destined to experience the favor, breakthroughs, and testimonies of God in your life. But if you find yourself stuck in a cycle of challenges, what you need is the guidance of a genuine prophet who understands the seasons of time.

Throughout history, those who have built and prospered under prophecy have witnessed incredible results. Just like in the case of Ezra 6:14, they received the divine guidance that led them to finish their endeavors and experience true prosperity. Today, you are embarking on a journey that no one in your family has ever undertaken before, and you need prophecy to unlock your path to success.

Opposition may have been relentless in your life, but I want to share the key with you that Ezra discovered. The only way to overcome the opposition you face is through constant prophecy. That is why I am committed to prophesying over your life every day, just as Ezra did. I will speak divine revelations into your circumstances until you build, finish, and prosper. As one of our valued members and partners, I believe that you are destined for greatness. You have the potential to build your dreams, finish what you start, and prosper beyond measure.


  1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness and the promise of daily provision. I humbly come before You, acknowledging Your sovereignty and power in my life.
  2. Lord, let Your cloud manifest my daily provision according to Your divine plan and purpose. Open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings I cannot contain.
  3. Jehovah God, I pray for a breakthrough in my financial situation. Grant me wisdom, opportunities, and favor to increase my income and resources abundantly.
  4. Father, I surrender my career into Your hands. Guide me to the right opportunities, promotions, and connections that will lead to advancement and prosperity.
  5. Heavenly Provider, I pray for miraculous provision in my housing needs. Open doors for a suitable and affordable home that exceeds my expectations.
  6. Lord, I bring my health before You. Heal my body, mind, and spirit, and grant me the resources and support needed for a healthy and fulfilling life.
  7. Merciful God, I lift up my marriage and family to You. Strengthen our relationships, bring unity, and provide the necessary provisions for our well-being and happiness.
  8. Jehovah Jireh, I pray for the provision of education and opportunities for my children. Open doors for scholarships, grants, and guidance for their future endeavors.
  9. Lord, I seek Your divine intervention in my business or entrepreneurial pursuits. Grant me favor, wisdom, and prosperous ventures that will bring glory to Your name.
  10. Heavenly Father, I pray for supernatural provision in my relationships. Bring the right people into my life who will support, encourage, and open doors of opportunity for me.
  11. Lord, I commit my dreams and aspirations to You. Provide the necessary resources, connections, and divine appointments to bring them to fruition.
  12. Gracious God, I pray for supernatural provision in times of unexpected expenses or emergencies. Help me to overcome financial obstacles and provide for me in miraculous ways.
  13. Father, I declare that every hindrance and opposition to my provision is removed in the mighty name of Jesus. Let Your cloud overshadow any challenges and release blessings upon me.
  14. Lord, I ask for divine discernment and guidance to steward the provisions You bless me with. Grant me wisdom to use them for Your glory and the betterment of others.
  15. Heavenly Provider, I thank You for hearing my prayers and for the assurance that You will manifest my daily provision. I choose to trust in Your faithfulness and wait expectantly for Your blessings.

In Exodus 16, God provided daily bread to His people, raining it down from heaven according to their specific needs. He gave more to those who required it and less to those who needed less. Today, I prophesy that your cloud of provision is about to manifest itself in your life. Whatever you need, in whatever capacity, it shall be met according to the rate you require.

I declare that all your needs shall be met, be it in your finances, career, health, marriage, children, or any other area of your life. Before the sun sets today, expect a delightful surprise that will fulfill your deepest desires. Whether it’s a person, a thing, a recommendation, or someone to speak on your behalf, rest assured that your provision will manifest. Jehovah God, let your cloud manifest my daily provision and bring about the miracles prepared for me before the foundations of the world.

Just as Jacob and Abraham received their blessings by offering and building altars, so too can you unlock your divine provision. Every time you receive a prophecy, discipline yourself to connect it through seed, sealing the promise and activating its power in your life.

Therefore, I invite you to take a bold step today. Connect with us and sow your seed of faith to support the manifestation of your divine provision. Your seed offering will not only contribute to the growth and impact of the Midnight Church but also position you to receive a bountiful harvest of blessings in return.

As you sow into the Midnight Church, we believe that you will also reap a harvest of blessings and supernatural provision in your own life. The Word of God tells us in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

To sow your seed of faith and join us in this divine endeavor, please CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW. By connecting your seed with our ministry, you are positioning yourself to experience the miraculous provision that Jehovah God has prepared for you.

Stay expectant, for your breakthrough is at hand. Keep your faith strong, and embrace the blessings that await you. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

May the grace of God abound in your life, and may divine provision overflow into every area of your existence.

Connect with us today and witness the miraculous power of Jehovah God in your life!



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