Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” ( Joshua 3:5)


Dear Child of God,

As long as you are waiting for everything to be perfect in your life before you can start enjoying it, you’re never going to be happy in life. It’s about the journey not the destination. 

**Tonight … As You Begin To Celebrate … I See Jehovah God Turning Around Every Situation In Your Life! I See Him Doing Wonders For You! **

The Word of prophecy is out for this month. You are going to take over and take over begins now. I see you are about to go to places that you have never been before. I see you are about to possess wealth, health that you have never had before. God is about to perform wonders within your family, within your body, within your finances. Today I need you to get ready by faith and by thunder. It doesn’t matter what the enemy is doing I want you to focus tonight with what God is about to do. And it will need celebration to activate it.

The Bible tells us that when David was going through the valley, through the storm, through the hard times, it was his heart of rejoicing that carried him through to the other side. Psalms 27 tells us he would have given up if he didn’t hope to see God’s goodness in his life. In spite of every challenge, he made the decision that one way or another he was going to enjoy his life. 

Today there are people all over the world, in all different types of circumstances, some are poor, some are rich, some are sick, some are healthy, some are single, some are married, some have children, some have none. But whether they have or they don’t have, many find themselves miserable, unable to enjoy their life. 

It’s a choice that you must make, each and every single day. 

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalms 118:24)


But you see, what the enemy wants to do is to get you to focus on that perfect moment. Maybe it’s that idea of that perfect marriage, or that perfect career, that perfect house, that perfect car, that perfect financial position, those perfect children, etc. Thinking that when you get there you’ll be happy. But there are people who have all those things and they are still not happy. Many waste their lives just waiting for things to get better instead of enjoying what they have right now. 

But child of God I want to declare into your life that as you begin to celebrate today, Jehovah God will begin to cause wonders in your life. 

As you begin to celebrate what you already have, even if it’s just a shoe, Jehovah will begin to add to that. As you begin to celebrate I declare that where there was discouragement, there will be courage. Where there was poverty there will be prosperity. Where there was sickness, there will be healing. As you begin to celebrate your mode of transportation, I see an upgrade coming. As you begin to celebrate your current house, I see something bigger, something permanent. 


There is something that is taking place this month. As I spoke the other day, this month is the month to take over. But in order to take over you need an account of what you already have. 

That’s why I want you to join me tonight for the After Sunset Healing Service. 

Now Here’s What You Must Do: 

1. I want you to write 12 things in your life that you are already enjoying. Don’t write negative things or things you want to get rid of. Just write 12 things that you have right now that you are enjoying. I’m going to bless them and present them before God and ask Him to increase them. 

2. I need you to celebrate today as a step of faith. Go and get a cake, or get something as a symbol of celebration. Celebrate with your family. As you do that, I see an alarm being released in the spiritual realm which is about to attract an increase of joy in your life. As you celebrate. every day of this month, God will begin to cause wonders in your life. 

3. I want you to sow a special thanksgiving offering according to Psalms 118:24  Or Whatsoever you can afford to declare CELEBRATION! As you celebrate, God is going to bring more reasons to celebrate in your life. 

4. Remember to join me LIVE at 8pm UK Time via Youtube, Facebook or our Ministry App




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Yours In Prophecy, 

Prophet Climate

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