Dear Child of God,

This month is the month of extraordinary. Extraordinary favours, extraordinary miracles, extraordinary breakthroughs, extraordinary healings.

God is about to do something extraordinary. Yes, this morning God revealed it to me in a dream. You see, many times you come so close to your destiny, to your favour, but then suddenly things begin to happen, people around you change their mind, things change and then you never get what you are looking for.

In this dream child of God, I began to chase after that breakthrough for you, that favour, and I was so determined to get that breakthrough for you. Suddenly I realised it wasn’t just a dream, but a vision of what is about to happen. And the Lord took me to Daniel 10 where the angel appeared to Daniel. I declare into your life as a matter of reading this email, your heavens are about to be unlocked.

Then he continued, Do not be afraid,Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humbleyourself before your God, your wordswere heard, and I have come in response to them.But the princeof the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days.(Daniel 10:12-13)

When the angel appeared to Daniel he began to tell him what was going on in the spirit; there were principalities, princes of Persia, that had been assigned to block his blessing.


Child of God, I see some principalities in your life. Yes there are generational curses that reign over families and decide that in that family no one will ever succeed, or no one will have children, or get married, or be great, etc.

I saw some principalities that are hindering your destiny. They have been withholding your breakthrough, your promotion; they have been withholding the answers to your prayers. Yes, they’ve been assigned by your enemy, they’ve been summoned by your enemy in order to hinder you.

I see there are some things that you’ve been struggling with spiritually, as a result your body has become heavy, but today I declare may your inner man be strengthened.

Daniel was a man of great breakthrough and results, but he was also a man of prayer. This month you must be determined. Though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. And that is where the enemy has been taking advantage to bring confusion into your life.

I see your angels, just like Daniel, are waiting for divine backup. But they need your prayers.

Your angel needs your help today. And that is why this month is the month of divine accomplishment. Things that you couldn’t achieve before you will achieve this month. Because I see a multitude of angels coming for you to fulfil those things. There are desires that you have been trusting for many years, some you even forgot about, but God has never forgotten. I see glory, I see jewellery, I see houses, I see cars. Child of God I can see trophies! Yes victory, I see you crossing bridges that no one else has crossed Amen.

When angels show up there is power, there is a breakthrough, they cause those things you believing God for to come to reality. I can see your angel has been detained because of jealousy, witchcraft, fear, frustration.But tonight we are going to storm the gates of heaven for your angels to be released. Yes tonight as we pray, your angel is going to be released.

That is why right now I need you to send me your list of those areas where you’ve been trusting God but nothing is manifesting. Write the areas where you feel like you are facing blockage and your prayers are going unanswered. Tonight I’m going to print off your list and intercede on your behalf that every principality over your life that has been causing blockages and delays is going to be destroyed in Jesus name. Yes, I see the Lord dispatching special forces to help you; I see special angels coming to the rescue.

I also feel in my spirit for you to sow a seed of 21 according to Daniel. It took 21 days of prayer for Daniel to get his breakthrough. As you sow your seed by faith, may God give you the anointing of prayer, to pray until something happens. Yes this month whatsoever has been withholding your favor it must be released in Jesus name!I see the heavens being opened up for you. I see a quick turnaround for you.




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