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Is Your Marriage On The Brink of Divorce?

World Renown Master Prophet Reveals Proven Formula To Overcome Rejection & Transform Any Relationship Into The One You Desire!

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Are You Tired Of Being Rejected? Thinking of Throwing In The Towel? STOP!!! The Marriage of Your Dreams Is Still Possible!

Anytime I talk about this topic, it comes with different reactions. To some it is encouraging, to others discouraging. And to many more they feel that it is completely irrelevant to them. Yet it is to those who feel they don’t need this, that often need it the most. 

You ask me what do I mean? 

Jesus spoke about the spirit of singleness in the Bible. 

For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”(Matthew 19:12) 

Today many are living with the spirit of singleness and yet they are not aware about it. Being married doesn’t mean you are not affected by this spirit. It can affect all types of relationships. 

You see when there is a spirit of singleness in your life, it must leave you alone one way or another. If you are married, it will result into divorce or widohood. In your career, it will force people just to tolerate you but never to accept you. There is rejection, there is exclusion, it can even affect your reproductive organs leading to bareness and other things. 

I’ll never forget the day when one gentleman called me for prayer. And the Lord showed me that this was the spirit that was haunting his life. But he didn’t believe me. He said Sir I am married to my wife and nothing will ever come between us. He refused to accept what God was speaking to Him through me. A year later he called me crying on the phone. His wife had taken the children and left him and now he had nothing. He said Man of God I wish I had listened to you, but now it’s too late. 

Child of God, it can’t be too late for you. Sometimes we can never know what is plaguing us until God shines His light. The Bible tells about a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob who had been married five times. Every time she got married something would happen to her husband. Until heaven finally came for her and delivered her once and for all. 

When God steps in, things must be different. As you embark on this journey, I see every spirit of rejection is about to be broken out of your life. Whatever causes people not to like you, not to love you, not to want to work with you or be around you, that spirit is going to be uprooted in Jesus name. 

Breaking The Spirit of Singleness is the ONLY Program In The World That Will Uproot The Rejection That Has Been Plaguing Your Relationships & Affecting Your Life. ​
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Take A Peek Inside At What You'll Get

Right out of the gate we must put first things first. Nothing in your life will ever last for long unless God is at the very centre of it. This first module teaches you how to be still and wait on God for your solution as He is ultimately the one who Fights your battles. This is going to be so important as you’ll learn to let go of the pain of the past. 
This first reason why relationships fail is responsible for more than 70% of all marriage trouble and divorce, even widowhood. Learn how to easily identify this issue and receive powerful tools to break this curse and overcome it before it’s too late. 
This second reason is one of the highest ranked Google Searches every month. It’s no surprise that many marriages are failing because of this. Not only will you learn how to break free from any curse that has been placed upon your relationship but also receive the know-how to undo the damage. 
When it comes to marriage, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. After years of frustration, disappointment and loneliness, this third reason is the easiest to avoid, and yet still accounts for a lot of divorce. But it doesn’t have to. Restore faith in God, your relationship and yourself, and go on to experience the love you deserve. 
 Now that we’ve uncovered the spiritual foundation, it’s time to move over to the physical side of it. Not all of our problems are a result of the enemy. The Bible says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) You’ll discover the purpose of a man and a woman in marriage in order to remove every source of confusion and frustration from your house. 

Learn how to build a FAIL-PROOF Marriage. Storms in life are inevitable but with the right tools and wisdom you can easily navigate them and make it over to the other side. Learn what to expect so that you know how to handle it when it comes and remain victorious. 

No matter how strong you can build your relationship, it will never erase the memories and pains of the past. As you move forward, it’s important to deal with this #1 tool of the enemy to derail you and keep you from making progress. 

Now that we have cleared all the foundational roots of your problem, and have set you on a right path for future success, we’ll look at 9 Keys to a Successful Marriage so you can begin to enjoy and keep enjoying your marriage as you put things in the right place. 

+ Receive 3 Additional Bonus Programs To Rescue Your Marriage

[Valued at over £399] These Programs Will Teach You How To Instantly Stop Attracting The Wrong Type Of People Into Your Life 
And Build Your Relationship On A Rock-Solid Foundation.
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Bonus 1: 7 Enemies of Marriage

It's time to wage war on the enemies of your marriage and take back what belongs to you! If you don't know your enemy then you are at a disadvantage, but when you know who they are then you can win. Discover the 7 Enemies of your Marriage and learn how to defeat them and protect yourself against them!

Ten Husbands To Be Aware Of

Bonus 2: 10 Types of Husbands To Be Aware Of

Sometimes marriages fail because they are doomed from the start. One of the signs that you have the spirit of singleness in your life is that you are always attracting the wrong type of men while it seems you repel the good ones. But now that that spirit is broken, we need to address this issue once and for all so that you can learn the types and stay away from them. This is what’s going to help you know whether you are in the right relationship or not.

how to catch a good man

Bonus 3: How To Catch A Good Man

If you’re not in a relationship yet but are believing God for one, then this program will give you the practical wisdom and advice on how to attract the right type of man into your life. But even if you are married and just needing that breakthrough, then this is the wisdom you need to stir up that affection and intimacy between one another that you once enjoyed.

Hear From Others Who Have Used The Program To Overcome Rejection & Experience Love & Lasting Relationships

“..for years no man wanted anything to do with me. But this program changed everything"

“For over 10 years I was experiencing an on again/off again relationship. Many times my partner would try to reach out for me but I would put him off. It wasn’t until I took this program that I realised how damaging my own behaviours were to the relationship. As a result, a marriage that should have taken place was delayed and everything was just hanging in the balance. But after listening to the Master Prophet, suddenly it’s as if my eyes were open. I began to repent and ask God for forgiveness for the way I had been treating this man. I asked God to deliver me from every pride. It’s not that my man was perfect either, but many things that could have been resolved were never fixed or made worse because of bad behaviours. After I talked with him suddenly it seemed there was now a light at the end of the tunnel; things became clearer and for the first time ever we are now on the way to making progress.”

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New York

When I first found Master Prophet Climate, I had already been married and divorced 5 times. At that point I was married to my sixth husband, a Swedish diplomat, but was separated from him and working as a housemaid. I enrolled into the program and followed every instruction. I felt like it was my last hope so I hung onto every word that he spoke. One by one, the program showed me how to address the issues I was facing. Today my husband and I are reunited and enjoying a happy marriage.  Since then there has been no more rejection in my life and I have continued to make progress.

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For years I had been experiencing failed relationships one after another. My sister in London recommended this program to me after using it and experiencing a breakthrough in her marriage. When I enrolled into the Breaking the Spirit of Singleness, one of the very first things I discovered was that there was a smell that I had that was turning people off and that this problem was generational (meaning the same problem ran in my family). After going through deliverance and following the process that Master Prophet showed me, the strange smell disappeared. I met her future husband and am now happily married with a child. I really recommend this program because it doesn’t just deal with the physical problems that you can see but the spiritual issues behind what you are facing. It was the powerful prayers in this program that exposed the issue that had been causing me to repel men for years. 

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This program is THE BEST DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE. By the time I began working with Master Prophet Climate, my marriage had already failed and not a single relationship was working for me. After enrolling into the program, I soon had a dream where I saw myself as a baby being dedicated on a spiritual demonic altar. I saw my family marrying me to water spirits. My mother later confirmed that it was true after I confronted her. Once that issue was exposed, I was set free and began to have success in his relationships again.

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For years both my relationships and my business were suffering. Nobody wanted to date me or do business with me. I considered giving up until I came across this program. I thought I had nothing to lose and went for it, but Oh my gosh, I know that day God was leading me to the right place. After enrolling in the program and following the guidance and everything Master Prophet taught me, I received a phone call from a long time school friend who had been trying to get in contact with me for years but was unable to. Finally we were able to connect and started doing business together. Since then, everything has changed. I have begun to prosper and flourish and have no problem attracting people into her life. I’m now looking forward to find my life partner. 

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Ready To Experience Your Own Breakthrough?!
Breaking the Spirit of Singleness Product Pack

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Who Am I And Why Did I Create This Program?

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Master Prophet Climate

Founder of The Kingdom Church & Bishop Climate Ministries​

For over 20 years I have been mentoring students one by one, healing people through the power of God and getting them delivered as they attend my live deliverance sessions in person. Thousands have been set free and many testified, but due to increasing demand I have now introduced these brand new powerful deliverance programs online, designed for you to use to get life changing results without ever having to leave your house.

Child of God what is it that you have been crying out to God for? Have the doctors given up hope? Has your marriage given up hope? Has your relationship given up hope. Has your career or business given up hope? Well God has not given up on you. In fact, the only reason you aren’t where you want to be is because of something you don’t know.

God wants to bless your relationship, He wants to bless your marriage. He wants to give you victory. But remember, man wants victory, God gives strategy.

The decision you make today will change your life forever. I believe this is your time for a miracle. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in that condition, I came to let you know your season has come. This is your set time. I believe that God has CONNECTED me and you for a plan and a purpose – Because it’s YOUR SET TIME to be Free! It’s YOUR TIME to come out of captivity! It’s YOUR TIME to be Delivered! To be Healed! And to be Restored!

This Is The Ultimate Program To Rescue Your Marriage!

You can’t put a price on freedom. The only thing standing between you and the marriage of your dreams is the decision that you will make right now. So go ahead and make the right decision.

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