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Dear Child of God,

My name is James, and I want to share a testimony that bears witness to the miraculous intervention of God in my life. For three long years, I battled a grave illness that left me bedridden and in excruciating pain for the last six months. It was a period of darkness and despair that took a toll not only on me but also on my wife and children, who had to bear the weight of caring for me.

The pain was relentless, and it stripped me of my ability to care for myself. I found myself helpless, confined to my bed, and unable to contribute to my family in any way. The burden of watching my loved ones shoulder the responsibilities that were once mine became unbearable, and the shame of my condition led me to contemplate ending it all.

I devised a plan to take all the medication I had, mix it together, and overdose on it. It seemed like the only escape from the physical and emotional torment that had engulfed me. But God’s hand was upon me, and before I could carry out my plan, a prophetic word came from the Prophet of God.

He told me to come and stay in the house of God, just like the man on the mat camped nex to the pool of Bethesda until he got his breakthrough. Despite the darkness that clouded my heart, I chose to obey. I camped there with my bed, open to whatever divine intervention awaited me.

The process of deliverance began, and I found myself vomiting blood and other things that seemed to be a manifestation of the spiritual battle taking place within me. It was in the midst of this struggle that I received the divine cleansing oil. As I anointed myself with it, a supernatural force shattered every demonic power that had held me captive for years.

But the true miracle happened when I felt an inner prompting to mix the oil with water and drink it. The moment that liquid touched my lips, an overwhelming surge of power flowed through my body, and all the pain that had imprisoned me for so long vanished in an instant.

For the first time in three years, I felt a surge of energy coursing through my veins. I dressed up and came to the church on Sunday, eager to testify to the transformation that had taken place within me. Tasks that had once seemed impossible were now achievable, and I marveled at the freedom that had been bestowed upon me.

From not being able to bend over and put on my socks to walking upright and unassisted, the change was astounding. The shame, the pain, and the despair were replaced with gratitude, joy, and an unshakeable faith in the miraculous power of God.

My life has been forever altered. From the brink of ending it all, I have emerged as a living testament to the divine healing and intervention that await those who dare to believe. I am no longer bedridden or burdened by pain, and I am grateful beyond words for the second chance at life that God has graciously given me.

My journey from desperation to divine healing is a testament to the power of obedience, faith, and the life-changing impact of God’s presence. If you’re facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, I implore you to trust in the transformative power of God’s touch. The same God who healed me can heal you too, no matter how dire your circumstances may seem.

With a heart full of gratitude and a body free from pain, I stand as a living witness to the miraculous healing that God can bring about when we put our trust in Him.


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Child of God, this oil that miraculously saved this man from the brink of disaster is the exact same oil that the Prophet of God has been persecuted for in court and convicted of fraud for offering it to our church members.

During the challenging times of Covid, when uncertainty and fear gripped the world, our Prophet of God, guided by unwavering faith and divine instruction from God, offered the Divine Cleansing Oil to those in need. This act of compassion and healing seemed to contradict the norms, and he faced legal consequences for it. Despite his dedication to the well-being of our community, he was convicted and fined for his actions.

But this very oil, which was deemed a source of controversy, has been a source of salvation for many.

The very oil that was questioned and persecuted has been a beacon of hope for those seeking healing and deliverance. In the midst of the Covid storm, as the world grappled with illness and uncertainty, our church emerged unscathed. Not only did we not lose a single member, but many among us experienced miraculous healing from severe symptoms.

The Divine Cleansing Oil, offered with unwavering faith and compassion, defied the odds and manifested the healing touch of God. Our members, our church, and the very oil that was once deemed controversial now stand as living proof of God’s unfathomable love and the miraculous works that occur through unwavering faith.

And the story continues to unfold. Nearly two years after Covid, People from all walks of life, from various backgrounds and circumstances, are using the Divine Cleansing Oil for various needs. From physical ailments to emotional wounds, from deliverance to protection, the testimonies of healing and transformation continue to pour in.


A grave injustice has befallen our beloved Bishop Climate. Wrongfully convicted of fraud for sharing the Divine Cleansing Oil with our congregation during the throes of Covid. This very oil, a beacon of protection and healing, became a lifeline for us. When so many around us suffered loss, we emerged unscathed, not losing a single member to the relentless pandemic.

Miracles Beyond Measure

The Divine Cleansing Oil isn’t just a relic of a bygone era. Its miraculous touch transcends time and space. Years post-Covid, it continues to perform wonders, freeing souls from the clutches of sickness and pain. And yet, our government seeks to snuff out this beacon of hope. They aim to extinguish our faith, to silence the healing power of God. But we refuse to let them.

But we stand resolute, united in the face of adversity. Our faith is unshakeable, our conviction unwavering. The Divine Cleansing Oil is not just an oilit’s a testament to our trust in God’s healing grace. We are determined to defend it, to preserve the anointing that brings life-changing miracles.

But this battle cannot be fought alone. Our Prophet stands strong, with the finest legal minds at his side. However, justice comes at a cost. We have 30 days to raise 70,000 to fuel this fight for our faith, our healing, and our anointing.

Your Support Matters

We earnestly implore you, our dear partners, to stand with us. Your support is a beacon of hope in this tumultuous time. And for your generous contribution of 50 or more, we will even send you a special bottle of the Divine Cleansing Oil. May it serve as a token of our gratitude, a physical reminder of our unity and shared purpose.

Let our collective voice be heard. Let our actions speak louder than the unjust verdict. Click the link below to contribute to our appeal and receive your gift of the Divine Cleansing Oil.


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Yours In Prophecy,

Prophet Climate

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