Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 7:30PM, Bishop Climate holds one of the most powerful Healing & Miracle Services in the UK, an opportunity for you to receive personal prayer and healing for whatever it is you are believing God for. Since the prophet of God began this weekly service in 2005, thousands have been healed and delivered from all sorts of sicknesses and diseases. From all over the world, many have come in search of answers, in hopes to be healed, and their lives to be restored. Today you too can begin to experience this proven power that has brought joy and peace to thousands of people by attending these special services. 

Hebrews 13:8 says,“Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” and Jesus is still healing people just like He did 2000 years ago.

Each night, as the man of God lays his hands on every single person, sicknesses are healed, demons flee, and people are experiencing real breakthrough.

Attendees are encouraged to bring all red letters, photos, and points of contacts for Bishop Climate to lay his hands on. You can bring anything you need in order to receive the anointing for you or those who matter to you (e.g. clothes or shoes of children/spouse, pictures, etc.)

And if you are not able to join us physically, you can be able to tune in live each week through our Web Broadcast at 8PM (GMT). Remember there is no distance in the anointing, from your TV or computer screen, lay your hands on the screen as the man of God begins to minister and pray for people and you can receive the same power.



93 Camberwell Station Road

London. SE5 9JJ.

Call Now For Prayer: 02077383668 UK / 1 347 708 1449 USA

Check Out These Powerful Testimonies From This Service

During the week I was coughing constantly. I was given a prescription but never took the medication. I came to the Healing and Miracle Service and it was so powerful. The anointing came all over my body. The man of God came to the back of the church and laid his hands on me. The following morning I woke up and all the coughing and all the aches and pains have gone I’m Healed!

M.S. North London

During the Healing and Miracle Service, I was in so much pain I wasn’t feeling well I had an intense stomach pain, it was so painful I could hardly move or talk so I went to the altar and laid down and instantly my stomach pain was gone and I was healed right there and then!

C.N. Ireland

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