Dear Child of God,

Is the coronavirus making you afraid? Are you afraid that you or your loved one might get sick? Are you afraid that you won’t have enough money to pay the bills if you won’t be able to work? Are you having negative thoughts and finding it hard to keep your head up? Do you feel like the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are only putting more pressure on the other areas of your life?Are you afraid of what might happen next???

Child of God, I have just been in prayer and I need to urgently share something with you. For there’s something I need you to know. Right now, apart from the obvious pandemic we are facing, there is a lot of demonic activity going on. Young, healthy people are committing suicide simply out of fear, health workers are dying from overdose due to the pressure they are facing in the hospitals, robbery and vandalism are increasing, and many more families are frightened and scared by their inability to work, the lack of security, and the fear of not knowing what will happen next.

On one side you have the horrible reality of the hundreds of people dying everyday from the virus, on the other hand you have the nasty side effects that are being driven by fear. All of them resulting into tragedy. But what is the underlying issue here?

The Bible tells us that when David was being hunted and pursued for his life by King Saul, fear was all around him, fear was trying to cripple him. You see it’s often not the physical situation we are faced with, but the fear that is attached to it, that gives it power. Because fear is devoid of faith. Fear drives away the presence of God. Fear is not an environment for a miracle to take place.

But out of that place, David cried,

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the Strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Though an army encamps against me, my heart will not fear; though war rises against me, Even in this I am confident. (Psalms 27:1,3)

You see it’s not just about the virus, it’s the fear that is behind it. What would cause a healthy 20-year old woman to take her own life because she was afraid of being isolated? What would cause a nurse in her 20’s to overdose on medication because she couldn’t handle the pressure after a few weeks? I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness and the pressure of the situation. I’m saying there is something the devil is trying to do in your life and he wants to use this coronavirus as a door. It is this opportunity that the devil is using to grab a foothold into your life. He wants you at his mercy, and he has none.

The other day I read an article that was saying that due to people being forced to work at home, many marriages will likely end up in divorce. What does coronavirus have to do with divorce? But that is what I need you to understand. We are not just at war with a virus, we are at war with the principalities of darkness. As a result of this virus, I see some other areas of your life that are being left exposed and that is what the devil is targeting.While the coronavirus is distracting us on one side, the devil is trying to enter in through another. But I decree over your life that every misdirection of the enemy to throw you off guard so that you can become exposed and vulnerable to attack is going to be thwarted in Jesus name.

Child of God, the churches might be closed, but the work of God is continuing.That is why I need you send me your list today of the areas you are facing fear, insecurity, trouble or turmoil. Send me a list of all the areas you are coming under attack recently. This Friday I’m going to print them off personally and throw them in the fire for you.

Yes I want you to know that I’m here for you.I will be here broadcasting live from the pulpit on Friday, and though you won’t be able to attend in person, you can still participate from home. It’s times like these, when the world is buckling under the pressure of the reality, that we need divine intervention like never before. Now more than ever, we need God to burn up every spirit of fear that wants to attract plagues into your life. We need God to burn up every spirit of infirmity that wants to lay hold of you and your family. We need God to burn up every spirit of tragedy that wants to leave a legacy in your life. Child of God that is not your portion.

Right now I need you to send me your list of the areas you are coming under attack that you need me to throw into the fire. At the same time, IF YOU ARE FACING ANY TYPE OF FEAR IN YOUR LIFE, then please sow a sacrificial seed of 27 according to Psalms 27. You can even sow a double portion on behalf of your family members. Now’s not the time to fear but to put your trust in God.

As you do that Child of God, and as I throw your fire request in the fire this Friday, every army that has encamped against you, every war that has risen up against your health, every war that has risen up against your marriage, against your finances, against your career, against your destiny, as a result of this coronavirus, is going to burn by fire in Jesus name. Yes every spirit of fear that has been assigned towards your camp is going to be expelled in Jesus mighty name! Whatever is trying to cut off your destiny, we are going to cut it off in Jesus mighty name! SHOUT “I WILL FEAR NO MORE!!!”



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