Dear Child of God,

Please Pay Attention ‼️ 

Did you know that something happened on your birthday and along the way as you grew, I saw in the spirit that someone was watching you very closely and there was a reason …… 

Today every curse that has been activated at your birth, we break its powers. Every plan of the enemy to kill your blessing, we command it to die by fire. Every spirit that doesn’t want you to rise up, today we command it to be exposed. There are people working day and night to pull down your star, but they shall not succeed.

Within these seven days, I declare you will never be scattered again. 

God is about to come for you, He’s about to gather you. He’s about to restore you. He’s about to bless you. 

On our fourth day of the Feast of The Unleavened Bread, we discovered how God defeated the goddess heqet during the second plague. 

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will send a plague of frogs on your whole country. The Nile will teem with frogs. They will come up into your palace and your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your officials and on your people, and into your ovens and kneading troughs. The frogs will come up on you and your people and all your officials.’” (Exodus 8:1-4)

In those times, the frog represented the goddess heqet. She was one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt, especially for pregnant women, mothers, queens and nobles. Heqet was derived from same name as the Greek goddess of witchcraft. 

But more importantly, whenever a child was born, the midwives who were trained under the goddess heket would decide the fate of that child. They would put a symbol, a mark on them that would identify them for the rest of their life. But also they were known to be corrupt, full of witchcraft, and sorcery, so that if they hate a father or mother, they would curse that child. And once they curse that child, it’s over. 

The goddess heqet would decide whose star will shine and who won’t shine; they would decide people’s fate. 

{First_Name}, some of the things you are battling with today goes far back to the day you were born. Even when your mother was pregnant with you, when others were rejoicing, there were those getting jealousy and envious and they began to release curses upon your life. 

I see especially some words that were spoken over you when you were a child, when you were a teenager, there were some negative words released over you by an evil aunty, by a jealous cousin, and those words sealed your fate, those words locked your destiny. 

As I am writting to you now…. I need you to do something. I need you to send photos of your childhood, we need to throw them in the fire to wipe out every curse that was spoken on your day of birth or along the way as you grew up and it has been affecting your progress. Today it must die by fire. 

The good news for you is ?… This Friday is the Fire Service, and we are going to throw all those issues in the fire. Whatever curse that was released over you since you were a small child, that is still causing suffering in your life, today it is about to broken. Any man or woman that has risen up against you, because of jealous and envy of your success, may all the plagues of Egypt come upon them and their family in the name of Jesus. Every curse from the point of your beginning, I send it back to the sender. 


Now Here’s What I Want You To Do:

1. Using the Prayer Agreement Form below, send me all the areas where negative things were spoken or declared over your life as a child/teenager

2. I need you to send me a photo of yourself as a child/teenager ( Send it We need to Erase this pattern of failure and attacts in your life) 

3. I need you to build up an altar according to the number of your age, for every curse that was released over your life from the time you were in your mother’s womb, to be broken in Jesus name.

4. As soon as I receive it, I’m going to print it off to prepare it for the Fire Service this Friday evening.

4. Join Me LIVE at @7:30PM UK Time for the Miracle Fire Service and Day 5 of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Live in Person or via our Youtube Channel




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As a reminder, here are the special instructions you need to observe throughout the Feast, which starts on April 22 until April 29. For those 8 days you are to remove all leaven from your house and you are to eat unleavened bread daily for 8 days (Passover & The Feast Of Unleavened Bread).



‘Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, but on the first day you shall remove(cause to cease) leaven from your houses; for whoever eats anything leavened from the first day until the seventh day, that person shall be cut off from Israel.  ‘On the first day you shall have a holy assembly, and another holy assembly on the seventh day; no work at all shall be done on them, except what must be eaten by every person, that alone may be prepared by you. 17 ‘You shall also observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this very day I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt; therefore you shall observe this day throughout your generations as a permanent ordinance. ‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at evening, you shall eat unleavened bread, until the twenty-first day of the month at evening. 19 ‘Seven days there shall be no leaven found in your houses; for whoever eats what is leavened, that person shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he is an alien or a native of the land. ‘You shall not eat anything leavened; in all your dwellings you shall eat unleavened bread.’ ” (Exodus 12:15–20)

So what do we need to rid our homes of?

We must clean out everything that can cause dough to rise, or anything that contains such an ingredient. That would include: yeast, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda), and most baked goods; bread, cereal, cookies, biscuits, cakes, doughnuts and the like. Many products contain yeast extract; those must also go. If you are unsure, just check the list of ingredients on the product. 

YOU MUST SEPARATE THEM FROM EVERYTHING ELSE. If you have a garage you can remove the stuff there until after the feast is finished, or if no other option is available, you can put everything in a bag and ensure that you seal it competely. For God said We are to remove all leaven from our homes (Ex 12 :15), no leaven is to be found in our dwellings (Ex 12:20) or within our borders (Ex 13 :7)

Here are Examples of Unleavened Bread that you can eat during the Feast 

Matzo – Jewish flat bread

Tortilla – Mesoamerican/Mexican flat bread

Roti/Chapati/Paratha (Please note: Naan contains yeast so it is not allowed)

Kitcha or Qitta – Ethiopian type of flat bread used mainly in the traditional fit-fit or chechebsa dish.

Tortilla de rescoldo – Chilean unleavened bread made of wheat flour, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire.

Bannock – Unleavened bread originating in the British isles.

Remember we start Monday, April 22 at sunset but just to be safe I have marked it as 6PM due to differing time zones. On that Monday I will be releasing the first Blessing of Passover and what is going to happen as a result of you participating in this feast. Join me LIVE on Facebook or Youtube at 7:30PM UK Time.


CALL US 24/7 +44 207 738 3668 (UK) +1 347 708 1449 (USA)

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