Dear Child of God,

Did you know that just like we dress ourselves every day in physical garments (clothes) in the same way we also wear spiritual garments?

Is that not why Adam and Eve never felt naked in the garden because God had clothed them with a spiritual garment? But the moment they fell in sin, they were stripped of those garments.

The Bible tells us that after they ate the apple,

Then the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves apron-like girdles.(Genesis 3:7)

You see, spiritual garments have more implication in our lives than our physical garments. This week we have been dealing with all different types of spiritual garments. But today, as we are coming to the end of our Conference and getting ready for the grand finale, there is something I must share with you so that you can be free. Because sometimes you can spend your whole life living in such a way that you think something is wrong with you; people seem to reject you and nothing is ever stable in your life. But Child of God, sometimes you can be carrying spiritual garments in your life that are causing complications and you are not even aware about it.

For years I have prayed for people who seems like they are walking with a spirit of rejection, they go from job to job, from address to address, from relationship to relationship, nothing ever seems to last long in their life because it’s as though they are never accepted. But one day God opened up my eyes and showed me what was really happening.

The Bible tells us that,

Then they came to Jericho. And as He was leaving Jericho with His disciples and a great crowd, Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, a son of Timaeus, was sitting by the roadside.And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, saying, Jesus, Son of David, have pityandmercy on me [now]!And manyseverely censuredandreproved him, telling him to keep still, but he kept on shouting out all the more, You Son of David, have pityandmercy on me [now]!And Jesus stopped and said, Call him. And they called the blind man, telling him, Take courage! Get up! He is calling you.And throwing off his outer garment, he leaped up and came to Jesus.And Jesus said to him, What do you want Me to do for you? And the blind man said to Him, Master, let me receive my sight.And Jesus said to him, Go your way; your faith has healed you. And at once he received his sight and accompanied Jesus on the road.(Mark 10:46-52)

There are two things I want you to pay attention to here. Number one is that despite this man being blind, nobody wanted to help him. The more he cried out, the more they told him to shut up. His deliverer was right there, and yet nobody was coming to his rescue.

The second thing is that before he could come to Jesus, he had to throw off his outer garment.


You see, every time we talk about Jericho, there is always something to do with a garment. There is a garment that can make people to misunderstand you, to make people hate you, to make people reject you, to make people judge you!

When we read this from the surface it looks like he was just taking off his jacket. But it was much more than that. Bartimaeus was wearing a garment of defilement. There are some garments of uncleanness that when you put them on, you begin to attract every failure, you attract every misfortune. As a blind man, Bartimaeus was required to put on that garment, it told others he was unclean, it gave others a reason to judge him. That is why in another story in scripture when they came across a man who was born blind man, the disciples asked Jesus who sinned to make this man blind, the man or his parents (John 9:1-3) You see the mentality was that blindness had to do with uncleanness, it meant you did something wrong, it meant you were being punished.

Now they grope through the streetsas if they were blind. They are so defiled with bloodthat no one dares to touch their garments.Go away! You are unclean! people cry to them.Away! Away! Don’t touch us!When they flee and wanderabout, people among the nations say,They can stay here no longer.(Lamentations 4:14-15)

Child of God, when somebody puts a garment of uncleanness upon your life, this is what happens. Nobody wants to be your friend, nobody wants to be a part of your life. You become unwanted; unwanted in the working place, unwanted in your home, unwanted in your relationships. Everyone just wants to get rid of you; every person you meet wants to get rid of you; any place you go they just want to get rid of you. And it’s because there is a garment.


But today, every garment of uncleanness that has been causing people to chase you away; every garment of uncleanness that has been attracting failure into your life, I command it do die by fire.

You see when you have this garment, you can never stay anywhere for too long. People will reject you; it doesn’t matter how qualified you are. You realise that you can’t fit anywhere. Even when you feel you want to settle, suddenly something will come up and uproot you again.

When you have this garment of uncleanness, you find there is nobody around to help you. The people who are supposed to help you are the ones that end up frustrating and disappointing you. But the days of you getting stuck while everyone else is moving ahead, those days are over.

Right now I need you to send me your prayer agreement form of all the areas where you have been facing rejection. Send me all the areas of your life where you have been unable to settle, where you keep moving from one place to the next.

As I print your list off and walk around it, every garment that makes you to become useless, that when you call for help nobody answers, today I’m going to strip it off.Anyone who has surrounded you, in order to put you down, I command them to scatter. Any person close to your heart, close to your destiny with an intention to destroy you, I command them to die by fire. Yes as I walk around your list, anyone that is waiting and watching for you to stumble, for you to be ashamed; I declare they are going to be disappointed. Just like blind Bartimaeus, this time you will walk straight to your favour. When you need help, you will find it available. I declare you will find your identity, you will find your favour, you will find your breakthrough. When your time comes you will not miss it in Jesus name!

As you do that, remember to sow your seed of faith according to the number 7. This week the Lord spoke to me that we must continue to give every day according to the number 49 (7 x 7) for Divine Completion. Whatever issues you have been facing, as they go on that table, they are going to come down completely in Jesus name. You can also give willingly as you can afford, so long that it includes the number 7.

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(Scripture: Lamentations 4:14-17, Mark 10:1-50)

(Remember you can always edit/fill in certain prayer points to apply to your personal life)

1. l take authority over all the principalities, against every ruler, against all powers of darkness and every spiritual wickedness in high places. Satan the blood of Jesus is against you. I bind you; l break its powers; I command you to die by fire.

2. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has put my life on hold; die by fire.

3. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has blocked my progress, I remover you; I command you to die by fire.

4. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been causing rejection in my marriage; die by fire.

5. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been causing rejection where my CV/resume and career are concerned; I bind you; I command you to die by fire.

6. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been attracting bad luck in my career/business; I bind you; I rebuke you; I command you to die by fire.

7. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been used to block my favour; today I command you to catch fire.

8. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been used against my star; I remove you; I tear you off in the name of Jesus Christ.

9. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has been activated to degrade my life; today I break your powers; I command you to catch fire and die.

10. Every unclean garment of Jericho that has caused my children to become idle and time-wasters; I rebuke you; I command you to die by fire.

11. Every garment of Jericho assigned to steal my freedom to praise and worship God; Die by fire.

12. Every garment of Jericho that has been assigned to slow me down; this year I remove you; I command you to die by fire.

13. Today I declare every unclean garment of Jericho hanging over my face to destroy my destiny; I bind you; I command you to die by fire.

14. Today I receive the power to see my life clear once again in the name of Jesus.

15. Today I claim all my rights to my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.

16. Today I decree and declare total independence from every garments of darkness in the name of Jesus.

17. Today may the arrow of the light of God shoot through my eyes for greater victory in the name of Jesus.

18. This year I receive the grace to be made whole in Jesus Name.

19. Today I receive the grace to be restored in Jesus Name.

20. This year I believe I receive my healing in Jesus Name.

21. This year I believe receive my total breakthroughs in Jesus Name.

22. This year I decree and declare I am cleansed in the name of Jesus.



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