Dear Child of God,

Read This Testimony :

Things are happening everyday God is doing his wonders. A  lady who was  diagnosed Haemochromatosis  serious a gene liver diseases that runs in families and may be passed from parents to children. Tried to get cured but all failed. After attending Friday Healing service when prophet Climate prayed for her, She went back to the Hospital and they found all gone liver has grown to normal size after 49 years and God has given her a whole new liver. Surely The Prophetic Word Of The Month that God gave Master Prophet Climate has come to pass ( Total Wholeness) Now It’s Your Turn. 

I see you are about to receive vital information that is going to expose your enemies. Yes, the information you are about to receive in the next 24 hours is going to be so powerful. Out of that information you are going to be energised, you are going to receive supernatural energy. I see God is going to energise your prayer life; you are about to produce powerful prayers to turn your situation around. 

The Bible tells us that David and his army came back to Ziklag to find that the Amalekites had burned their town and took away their wives, children and all their possessions. His men wanted to stone him, but David inquired of the Lord and received the news that he would win this battle and recover all. After that prophetic word, suddenly he meets a stranger, an Egyptian man, who became the key to winning the battle against the Amalekites.

When David and his men reached Ziklag, they found it destroyed by fire and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive. Then David said to Abiathar the priest, the son of Ahimelek, “Bring me the ephod.” Abiathar brought it to him,  and David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?” “Pursue them,” he answered. “You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.”” They found an Egyptian in a field and brought him to David. He led David down, and there they were, scattered over the countryside, eating, drinking and reveling because of the great amount of plunder they had taken from the land of the Philistines and from Judah. (1 Samuel 30:3, 7-8, 11, 16)

Child of God, I see that every time you gather, there is an Amalekite, there is a genie that comes to try and scatter it. David had been building up for years, only to have it all taken away by his enemies. But a stranger with information; he knew where his enemies were; he knew what their weakness was; he knew what their plan was. And not only did he provide that information to David but he led him to the exact place of his enemies. and he revealed it to David.  About to receive vital information about your enemies, that is going to expose your enemies,  

I see you receiving vital information that is going to result into the biggest breakthrough ever. Yes, I know you have been praying and asking God when your breakthrough is going to happen. But the Lord has shown me that you breakthrough is connected to a person. Because the enemy you are dealing with is an enemy of progress. 

That is why I need you to start expecting and being kind to strangers. If David had of ignored that Egyptian man, he would have never seen his family again. This coming month, you may meet a stranger in an unusual way, but pay attention, for that person has vital information which you need in order to recover. Yes, there is vital information you need to recover your life, your destiny, your finances, your relationships, your happiness, your calling. 

Tonight, we are getting ready for the After Sunset Healing & Miracle Deliverance Service. I need your prayer request in my hands by the time I get to that altar. It’s time to intercede before the Lord. 

The Bible tells us that David put on the ephod to inquire of the Lord. That is what set everything in motion. Once he received that prophetic declaration from the Lord, the next thing he knew there was divine connection; there was divine direction; there was divine provision; and there was divine protection. He recovered all. 

As you connect tonight, I see you recovering all what you have lost over the last 3 years. I see you recovering it all. 

Now Here’s What I Need You To Do:

1. Using the prayer agreement form below, I need you to send me the list of all the things you have lost, especially in the last three years. Since covid hit, the world has changed, and many of us been impacted in more ways than one. Write them down, for surely you are about to recover all. 

2. I feel so strong in my spirit for you to build up an altar to God according to the number 30. Yesterday was the 30th of June when this prophetic word was released, and the word was according to 1 Samuel 30. It was when David inquired of the Lord, which no doubt involved building an altar to the Lord, as he was in the habit of doing so, after that the prophetic declaration came and was followed by a divine encounter with a stranger who led him straight to his breakthrough. As you build up your altar today I want you to expect God to do the same for you. You could give any amount according to the number 30. 

3. As soon as I receive your prayer request with your special offering, I am going to print it off for you ready for tonight’s service. 

4. Remember to join me tonight from 7PM UK Time. You can watch us live via Youtube, Facebook our on our BCM Ministry App 



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Remember you can give with your card through the phone it’s quicker and safer; the prayer warriors can assist you to write down your prayer request. Or you can ask them to write the prayer of agreement form on your behalf; just call any of the numbers on the Prayer Agreement Form. 

You can also bring it and put it in my hand for the sake of a special anointing. I would love to pray with you personally and release the power of God in your life. If you would like to see me personally please call our office appointment. But if you need a quick prayer then just pop in anytime, we are here to serve you. Every Sunday Morning at 9am – No Appointment needed.

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